Baking, but not for spite

My fiancée and I have kicked off an exciting new project:, a joint food blog. I suppose this is only exciting for other people in the unlikely event they want to see what we have to say about food, but it’s exciting for me because it’s an opportunity to write about something that has nothing whatsoever to do with videogames. And that means it’ll help keep me from being the sort of sad, emotionally withered shut-in who fixates on other people’s opinions about videogames for years. There’s more to life than gaming, even if I do make my living on videogames. I don’t know how often we’ll be posting to BakeSpite, but it’ll be a fun change of pace. (And it won’t take away content from this blog, so don’t worry.)

You can read a brief mission statement of sorts at my opening post. Meanwhile, I am liveblogging dinner. Hopefully I am not terribly miscalculating how interesting this sort of writing will be to the larger populace… but even if I am, at least we’re having fun.

18 thoughts on “Baking, but not for spite

  1. Cool! I’m not big on cooking, but it’s mostly because I am terrible at it. Maybe I’ll pick up a few things from reading your new blog. I have always liked your writing style, and the pictures on BakeSpite are really good, so I like your fiancee’s photos too, it seems!

  2. Makes me smile to see my twitter comment see the light of day in an actual website. Love it, Jeremy!

  3. I’m considering the possibility of adding a BakeSpite Fun Page to each GameSpite Quarterly. Who knows!

  4. That’s awesome. My wife has a food blog that she’s been working on for a few months now and she just got accepted to the foodie blogroll or something like that.

  5. Between this and the work Robert Ashley has done for Gourmet magazine, it’s great to see gaming journalists write about food, if only because it’s gotta be a nice break from writing about the OCD-fueled world of gaming to write about more immediately gratifying (if equally decadent) foodstuffs.

    Also, folks aren”t so likely to troll about how much better Wenslydale cheese is compared to brie.

  6. i approve. foodblogging is so much fun, and i love reading about food as much as i do reading about games.

  7. Man, that Garlic Parmesan English Muffin Loaf looks delicious. And is making me hungry.

    Mudron: But Wensleydale *is* so much tastier than brie. Especially with cranberries in.

  8. This is exciting. I’ve always meant to read a food blog, and now here’s one that already has writing that I know will be great. Awesome job, Jeremy (and Cat too, I guess)!

  9. You realize, of course, that this new venture will only serve to reinforce the perception that you are secretly Alton Brown’s younger clone/love-child.

    (I am actually very happy to see your culinary adventures in blog form.)

  10. Except that Alton Brown doesn’t start every episode of Good Eats apologizing for being the show’s host. (It’s easy to imagine Chris Kohler freaking the hell out about specific foods, though. “When Kraft introduced the Big Stuf Oreos I WAS BLOOWN AWAY!”)

  11. I can’t shake the idea of Sharkey hosting a cooking show now. Peppering his filet mignon with cigarette ash.

  12. Sounds interesting. Like BuckTwenty I don’t cook much (which is probably odd considering my family) but I have become more and more interested in it mostly because of Good Eats, Iron Chef (Original Recipe) and Top Chef. And a slowly growing desire for variety.

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