GSQ3: Dizzy, daring defenders

Hey kids, it’s more content from GameSpite Quarterly 3! Which is neat and all, but as a lot of people have noted, this stuff doesn’t work nearly as well online as it does in print. This is not a shameful attempt to extort you into buying a copy of the book — well, maybe a little bit — but simply a salute to the greatness of print. Guys, tree corpses are still a wonderful way to absorb the written word. Don’t believe Ondore’s lies!

Today’s entries are significant for including one of our deliberate attempts not to make this issue entirely centered around the American 8-bit experience by including an entry on UK microcomputer hero Dizzy. So that’s nice. I think Matt Cramp may be Australian, though, so I’m not sure this attempt really counts as us expanding our horizons. It’s more like being slapped across the face for our closed-minded colonial ways. How sad.

In addition to Dizzy, there’s also a bit on Dragon’s Lair‘s Dirk the Daring, as well as a short piece about the eponymous pilot who zipped about so speedily in Defender.

In other news, today’s episode of Retronauts is pretty keen! Also, I’ve discovered that Street Fighter 2010 is not a very good game, but it’s a very interesting game. And that makes it notable. I’m glad I waited until 2010 to try it, though, because I really don’t think I would have appreciated it as the noble failure it is back in the day.

9 thoughts on “GSQ3: Dizzy, daring defenders

  1. I will always be there to listen to a Cifaldicast. He is truly a natural resource, akin to trees and water.

  2. Discovered SF 2010 is in an interesting game on Angry Video Game Nerd, I assume? If not, this episode is definitely worth a watch. The last boss fight is hilarious.

  3. I have never seen Angry Video Game Nerd. Surprisingly enough, I am sometimes capable of drawing conclusions about videogames all by myself! I’m a big boy now.

  4. I only mention Angry Video Game Nerd because his most recent episode, released like a day ago, covers that game. Of course the 2010 connection has likely been made by many people, but he also mentioned that it’s a flawed but interesting game (hence my reason for thinking you had watched the episode).

  5. Would you believe me if I said that I literally picked up a Street Fighter 2010 cart a week ago, and played a bit of it?

    Anyway, I started getting it, sort of, as I progressed, but it’s definitely obtuse, and very difficult to boot. Nonetheless, from a technical standpoint, the game is quite spiffy. I’ve certainly seen far worse NES games. As odd as the game comes off, it’s still mostly playable.

  6. Defender was such an influence on the videogames of today. Hardly a release week goes by without the mention of deep cleavage that Williams paved the way for with their fliers, God bless ’em.

  7. “Does the Defender link not work, or is it just me?” I think the link was wrong but it’s been fixed now.

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