GSQ3: Somewhere beyond the C

Actually, we’re not quite beyond the C with this update; letter D doesn’t begin until next time. Still! Imagine a scratchy voice singing that song as you read these entries and you’ll feel all creeped out. For some reason 78rpm recordings of “Beyond the Sea” are shorthand for spooky in everything from X-Files to BioShock. And now at GameSpite, too!

  • Chocobo (Final Fantasy series, by Ben Elgin): Who doesn’t love chocobos? I love them even though I just got the chocobo forest in Final Fantasy VIII, which is probably the least entertaining thing that’s ever been associated with the stupid birds. And yeah, I’m including Chocobo Racing in this complaint.
  • Choplifter (eponymous, by me): Uh, another kind of crappy article by me. I’m sorry once again. Fortunately, I can pad my mediocrity but surrounding it with good material.
  • Commander Keen (eponymous, by Wesley Fenlon): GSQ3 entries range from odd to amusing to informative. This one is very much the latter.

3 thoughts on “GSQ3: Somewhere beyond the C

  1. You know, that whole “choplifter” thing is a terrible, yet also a terribly awesome pun.

  2. “Commander Keen
    Strengths: Astronomical I.Q., pogo prowess, Green Bay Packers helmet.” Woo-Hoo! Packers! (My dad’s from Wisconsin and is a fan.)

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