GSQ3: The triple triad

I’m sorry, this entry’s title is a complete deception. A fraud. A fabrication. There is nothing to do with popular Final Fantasy VIII card game Triple Triad in this post. I have misled you, all in the name of cheap hits and improved search engine optimization. And I don’t even know why I should bother with SEO, since this site doesn’t have ads! It’s not like we’d be making any money off your traffic. God, my life is a lie.

Anyway, some new content for your perusal:

  • Blue Marble (from Marble Madness), an inspirational parable crafted by that modern-day Aesop, Ben Elgin;
  • Bomberman (from, yes, Bomberman), a totally canonical recounting of Hudson’s breadwinner by Adrien Gregory; and
  • Boy and Blob (from A Boy and His Blob), a handy clip-and-save promotion from America’s most beloved snake oil salesman, Philip Armstrong.

5 thoughts on “GSQ3: The triple triad

  1. The best part about blue marble is the synthesized ‘scream’ it makes on NES when falling from a significant height. Even for a marble, it sounds so… unenthusiastic.

  2. YOU NEED BLOB is one of my favorite things to come from this issue. Ingenious! Get Blob today!!!

  3. I’m sad that most people’s exposure to Marble Madness was through the NES port and not the arcade version. If you ever come across a cabinet, spend a quarter and give it a spin. In my mind it’s the high point of Atari’s in-house arcade development.

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