GSQ3: Battletoads and Bayou Billy

Ah, Battletoads, my old nemesis. Whenever I talk about this game I feel compelled to talk in a low purr, like Khan, except that would insinuate Battletoads is the good guy and will ultimately win the day. And we all know that just ain’t true.

  • The Battletoads (Battletoads series) by Wesley Fenlon: I still can’t believe someone thought it would be a good idea to create a set of characters named after skin conditions. At the very least, they could have taken it to its logical extreme by introducing female counterparts: Shingles, Vitiligo, and Alopecia.
  • Bayou Billy (The Adventures of Bayou Billy) by Nich Maragos: This was a revelatory article. Did you know that “Bayou” Billy West would go on to play the voice of Fry in Futurama? And that I would totally steal the hook of this write-up for the Mega Man 2 entry in my recent Musical Miscreants piece. Well, now you know. Half the battle and all that.

5 thoughts on “GSQ3: Battletoads and Bayou Billy

  1. It’s a shame Battletoads is so frustrating, because I always thought the basic combat was more satisfying than the (NES) TMNT games.

    Forget Double Dragon – these guys needed help from a certain figure only known as the mysterious Game Genie.

  2. I watched the pilot for the Battletoads cartoon on YouTube a couple days ago, and I can still taste the failure.

    Rash’s sunglasses are totally hip, though.

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