GSQ3: All Alex, all the time

We move on along through the letter A today to touch on some second-tier heroes who were fairly obscure here in the U.S. for various reasons. Mainly reasons that involved not a lot of people discovering Technos’ brawler/sports games until the age of emulation, and not a lot of people buying the Sega Master System outside of Brazil. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t deserve to be commemorated in GameSpite Quarterly 3 just as much as Mario or whoever. We’re very communistic, here. (Ask us about our five-year plan!) In fact, the Alex Kidd write-up remains one of my favorite submissions to this issue. And here I never thought anything good could come of that franchise.

Today’s online postings:

  • Alex and Ryan (River City Ransom, et al.) by Tomm Hulett; and
  • Alex Kidd (Alex Kidd in Miracle World, among others) by Bob Mackey.

18 thoughts on “GSQ3: All Alex, all the time

  1. phatslo, we’re going to convert our crop land into TFT manufacturing plants. The money we make will lead the GameSpite community into a glorious future of shared wealth, and we can always import food from poorer nations.

  2. I picked up a Sega Master System for $10 at Kay Bee Toys when I was bored one day. Yeah, I can totally believe the Brazilians would be into it.

  3. I come in here for jokes about video games and the New Economic Policy, and what do I get but video game and Five Year Plan jokes? Use the A material!

    And speaking of, that Alex Kidd article took the cake. It should have been–should be–an SA frontpage article. I’m not even looking forward to the Alis Landale article anymore because I suspect none of what’s to come can compare.

  4. for the record, i didn’t call my own writing “godawful.” at least, not on a public forum.

  5. So how long will it be until we start growing wheat? 20 years? i need to brush up on my history. “WE WILL CRUSH YOU!”

  6. I actually like the first Alex Kidd… for reasons that I can’t honestly deny are pretty much pure nostalgia. The castle levels were impressive for the time though. And the uh… powerup variety. And… really, I’m kidding myself here. Slippery little rock paper scissors playing giant eared weirdo deserves his spike and water filled room of death.

  7. OK, so, it’s been a while since I played River City Ransom, but how are they inspirational to Canadians again?

    Anyway, good work, folks.

  8. Tomm – tried to, didn’t like it (put your pitchforks down). But I think I see where you’re going…

  9. I will maintain that the original Alex Kidd is good until the day I die. It’s not that hard to win janken.

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