They keep putting me on TV

Any by “TV” I mean “the Internet,” because who cares about TV anyway? They always make the commercials twice as loud as the stuff you actually want to watch, which is why I wait for the DVDs.

Anyway, our half-hour video production of New Super Mario Bros. Wii Game Night is online, and it does a great job of showing off exactly why the game is so fun, i.e. because Sharkey’s a jerk. I did an OK job of hosting given that I was laboring under a heavy cold (which is why I’m sitting away from everyone else), but mostly I’m just impressed that I managed to do so well on the solo level despite also narrating. I have a newfound respect for people who demo games at trade shows and press conferences, because talking about a game while playing a section cool enough to be tricky is surprisingly taxing. My 1UP review for the game should be up tomorrow, but even here and now I will say that the game succeeds at being exactly what Nintendo has pitched it as being, which is quite an accomplishment. It’s so, so much better than New Super Mario Bros. it’s not even funny.

The second half of the video is after the jump. Woo!

21 thoughts on “They keep putting me on TV

  1. So, anything you can say right now on how good the final product is as a stand-alone experience?

  2. Oh, sorry. Thought it was all multiplayer, and these things take awhile to load on my connection.

  3. Watching Sharkey pick you up and throw you to your death while you were distracted talking about the Penguin Suit was nothing short of magical.

  4. That’s why I miss the old Retronauts where both Shane and Sharkey would be on. You guys must’ve wanted to ring each others necks at times, but I got a lot of enjoyment out of those episodes.

  5. (while I wait for these videos to load) Cartman – an early review said that the single player is actually much better than the multiplayer. I for one cannot wait for this game.

    Better than the DS NSMB, eh, Parish? Maybe I missed it, but what’s your general opinion on that game? Because I had a pretty great time with it, despite it not giving me a challenge at all.

  6. Oops, didn’t realize you reviewed it. Guess I shoulda checked it first. Thanks for the link.

    In light of that, ‘so so much better than NSMB’ has me even more excited.

  7. The game action pauses for a second every single time someone dies or grabs a powerup? Seriously? Ugh.

  8. The winning quote from these videos is the one about the two toads being migrant workers since they can pull vegetables quick.

  9. And no, I don’t mean in the anti-homophobe sense. Feel free to delete if you don’t approve of the above post.

  10. Wow… Jeremy, you look different. All of these years you have made comments about how fat you were, and I would think to myself “he looks just fine, and he certainly still wears his clothes well”. But, really, I like your new look. Getting back to your main topic though, based on the little I allowed myself to watch for fear of spoilers (silly, I know) this game looks awesome. You all really look as if you are enjoying yourselves. I can’t wait to play this game!

  11. Does anyone think the places in Super Mario World are actually made up of the food they’re named after

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