A little housekeeping before the storm

A delightful frenzy of editing, image production and layouts is about to explode in my mind as I buckle down to transform GameSpite Quarterly 3 from a bunch of disconnected text blocks into a published work. Before that happens, it’s time to do a little housekeeping here. For starters, a bunch of people have asked how they can support the site, to which I can only shrug and say, “I dunno, err” — well, now I’ve bothered to figure it out by putting together a new subscription button. Running this site costs a couple hundred bucks a month for bandwidth and server charges, so reader contributions are appreciated. Necessary, actually, as finances are tight enough on the home front that without this I’d have to kill off the forums. This is not a threat or anything; forums are just kinda expensive when they’re being used so enthusiastically by so many people for such fantastic discourse. Every bit of support helps maintain the flow of stimulating intellectual conversation!

You can sign up for a $10 monthly subscription by clicking this button:


If you revile PayPal, feel free to contact me for alternatives.

Preserving the future of Talking Time is not all you get in return, fortunately. I also mail out professionally-published (as in, made by the same people who print the Quarterly) bonus book twice a year. Or that is the intent, anyway; I’ve only recently gotten this thing down to a system, but going forward it will be ultra-rad, and ultra-on-time. I’ll probably throw in extra goodies with each book, too, just because I can.

And while I’m on the topic, I still have 10 extra copies of the most recent bonus (a roughly-40-page reprint of old comics from the past ten years of the site’s history, with commentary) for anyone who is interested. Half my extras have been sold already, which means we have raised $200 for Child’s Play! If we can sell the rest, that will be $400 for charity, which would be pretty great. Please drop me an email if you’re interested. (And please drop me a line if you were already supposed to have received a book by now; apparently there were some postal shenanigans and a few copies have gone missing.)

OK, back to not talking about money again.

5 thoughts on “A little housekeeping before the storm

  1. Pssst. Some of us barbarians are still howling at the gates, if you follow my inadequately thought out metaphor. Of course, being barbarians, we could only offer worthless shiny things and perhaps tribute in our heathen halls as payment.

    But, really. Who could turn down tribute in a heathen hall? We hold savage revels and hideous festivities around a little straw man made in your likeness, you know. It’s a very classy scene, tribute.

    Otherwise, this sounds fair enough and it’s cool to see the GameSpite-in-print thing getting hammered into a regular shape that shakes the foundations of contemporary geometry (/video game writing) also.

  2. Year One, Vol. 2 will happen when I have time to put it together, honest. This is all a side project for me, so it kind of limits my time. I could easily put the book together in a week, but it’s not like I can just take a week off of work to make it happen.

  3. I’m still irrationally excited for the presence of these GameSpite books in the world. Good luck bashing volume 3 together, man.

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