GameSpite Quarterly 2, #23: Pokemon series

23. Pokémon series
To celebrate the billionth GameSpite article about Pokémon, I chose the single most inappropriate piece of official Nintendo art I could find for the header. Congratulations! Your employer has just added this site to your firewall blacklist. In the meanwhile, live it up with this fine Pokémon retrospective. Although really, it’s more like a confessional than a retrospective.

8 thoughts on “GameSpite Quarterly 2, #23: Pokemon series

  1. When you said inappropriate official art, I expected the standard, oft-used image of a Tangela wrapping it’s “vines” around a Jigglypuff.

    The actual image used was much, much worse. Great article though.

  2. I guess it could’ve been worse, it could’ve been a an animated gif of flashing red and white lights…

    Nice article. I’ve known about EV Training for a while, but to me that’s just sucking all of the fun out of the game. I haven’t even bothered to “Catch ‘Em All” since the original Red and Blue games, partly because there’s so damn many of ’em now. Nowdays, I just catch the ones I like and train ’em.

  3. @[joshnickerson]: EV training isn’t really all that bad if you know how to do it right; a decent strategy can get you a Poke fully trained in under half an hour. IV breeding, on the other hand, is guaranteed to ruin any good will you have for the series. Unless you RNG abuse, of course…

    Great article from Kat, by the way. The game really changes shape once you enter the competitive phase, as I found out when Platinum sucked me in. :(

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