Finally, a follow-up to Skies of Arcadia

It’s not a sequel, but at least now we know what happened to the final boss, the Silver Gigas, Zelos: He became a fashion maven in Shibuya.

Sounds like he’s overselling his wares just a bit, though.

15 thoughts on “Finally, a follow-up to Skies of Arcadia

  1. I don’t get it. Is he saying that it’s possible that just one clothing item could fulfill one’s dreams, or that it’s necessary to buy many pieces?

  2. Yeah. This is why my favorite posts are the ones where I upload a simple, dumb joke and you guys run with it.

  3. This isn’t actually about Zelos-brand clothing. If you come back in a week, the ad will continue: “Wear a condom. STOP! STD”

  4. Only one piece of clothing that can make my dreams come true? *GASP!* It’s the hat from Mighty Max!

    I know nobody’s going to get that reference, but it was honestly a surprisingly good show. Honest.

  5. Nobody does over-the-top camp better’n Tim Curry, and when that camp is applied to an evil zombie wizard guy, well, that’s even better.

  6. Zelos is also a name in Tales of Symphonia, which I confess is what I immediately thought of. It had about as many players as SoA (few.)

  7. I thought of ToS first too. Guilty as charged. This is where he turned out after I killed him off in the 1st game?

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