I saved the spotted owl

A bunch of my coworkers went to an izakaya the other night and had a good laugh about a drink bafflingly named the “carbon offset.” By a weird, random accident, we ended up at the exact same place yesterday for lunch, so I decided to order the beverage they were all too afraid to try for themselves.

Apparently carbon offsets taste like orange and mango. Al Gore should probably hype that up — it would make the whole “protecting the environment” thing a lot more popular with most people.

The noble pose there reflects my heroically saving the earth through girly drinks. Although I’m not sure why a drink made of non-indigenous fruit that presumably had to be transported across the globe was called a carbon offset. Maybe the restaurant had a secret mango grove out back?

9 thoughts on “I saved the spotted owl

  1. I love girly drinks. That sounds delicious.

    Of course for the full nerd-in-Tokyo girly drink experience, few things can beat the Zeon Bar. (Though honestly only some of their drinks are incredibly girly, but at least they all have ridiculous robot names.)

  2. Ha ha, someone should totally do a bas-relief of this pic with little angelic flourishes surrounding your head.

  3. Holy cow, Jeremy, you weren’t kidding when you said you’d lost weight.

    And I really want that shirt.^_^

  4. My fiance actually has that shirt. It was on shirt.w00t.com a few weeks ago. Sadly, I don’t think its available anymore. Its of Cthulu cooking the Earth, wearing an apron that says ‘Kiss the Great Old One’.

  5. Funny how everyone noticed the Cthulu BBQ shirt! Also funny how you are *ahem* saving the earth thru girly drinks while Cthulu cooks the earth on your shirt. :)

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