GameSpite Quarterly 2, #47: Rez

47. Rez
Yesterday’s portal into a happier world seems to have vanished, but it’s not all bad. Life’s back to normal today, which means I can get back to the business of posting stuff here. We kick off ten days of uninterrupted GSQ2 content with a look back at UGA’s Dreamcast masterpiece Rez. I guess this would have been more appropriate to have posted yesterday, huh? Stupid life, always harshin’ my vibe.

8 thoughts on “GameSpite Quarterly 2, #47: Rez

  1. This is the first Rez article I’ve ever read where it felt like the author actually DID “get” it. It’s entirely genuine. Loved it.

  2. My initial reaction to Rez was apathy, but as the years have passed, the game has become a source of annoyance for me, mostly because of articles like this. The hyperbole is out of control.

    I love video games, but I’m not sure any of them are as good as people claim Rez to be.

  3. So basically your opinion towards a piece of work is fully influenced not by your qualitative feelings toward the work itself, but what the internet at large has to say about it.


  4. When I played Rez with the lights off and it lit up my room to the beat of the music, I suddenly wanted a room lighting peripheral where every game would light up the room in sync with sound.


    Anyway, Rez. It’s good! Big fan of the last level, even though it’s so much longer than the other levels, because it really delivers on the promise of the game: it’s all about simple pieces building up into something more than the sum of its parts, and as it shifts between great moments in evolution that theme’s reflected in the content of the level itself.

  6. I still can’t beat the last level. Granted, I just got the game last summer (I know that there are accounts of people finding a PS2 copy of it in a store, but it still shocked me when I did). Spot-on, Shivam. A game about music, and evolving into a higher being. I just overly simplified it, but wouldn’t that make anyone at least curious about it if they hadn’t heard about it?

  7. I totally got you on the ZOE title screen man. Title screens are something most developers don’t put much thought into, but when they do, it really adds something to the experience.

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