GameSpite Quarterly 2, #32: Breath of Fire – Dragon Quarter

32. Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter
Dragon Quarter is one of several games touched on in the course of this issue which already has an extant GameSpite critique. But, you the people voted! And so we included it. And good thing, too, because this feature is quite excellent and really makes me want to blow off my current game-playing, review-writing responsibilities to play it. Wait, I guess that’s bad, actually.

6 thoughts on “GameSpite Quarterly 2, #32: Breath of Fire – Dragon Quarter

  1. I’ve tried getting into Dragon Quarter, I really have. Would someone please tell me at what point the game actually becomes good?

  2. I really, really loved Dragon Quarter, and for the life of me, I can’t explain it. I think its partially due to my new game + fetish.

  3. I bought this game before I even knew it was going to be in the Quarterly, due to that TT topic about it. Someday I’ll play through it.

  4. I can appreciate the unconventional genius of BoF5’s save system, plot progression, and battle system, but this game drove me crazy when I played it. It was just far too alien to be a BoF game to me, and the gameplay was oriented around making the player frustrated and replay what s/he’d already done. I’m just not down to do that. I never beat the game until years later when I cheated and Gameshark’d my character’s stats. Plus, the story and characters were rather weak.

  5. I bought Dragon Quarter, played for the first hour or so, and like so many other RPGs, quit and never picked it back up. Whatever genius it may or may not have is hidden by the dreary, uninspired opening.

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