52 thoughts on “9.9.9

  1. The briefness and perceived automated-ness of this uncharacteristically cheerful message is creeping me out.

  2. Don’t toy with me. I’ve been fooled by simultaneous announcements of new Jet Set Radio and Panzer Dragoon games before.

  3. Oh yeah. It’s the antithesis of that fateful April Fool’s day so long ago. Everything’s right with the world again.

  4. On the one hand, I am excited. On the other, I don’t have money for this! But I need some more King’s Field!

  5. alas it died too soon…
    FAREWELL THEGIA :'( (wait you are telling me this is supposed to be about the dreamcast? who cares about the dreamc… mmm maybe i shouldn’t say that)

  6. For a split-second I believed it. It’s a split second I want back. Though would we really want another Dreamcast these days with the withered state of Sega’s once glorious creative branches.

  7. I was doubtful. Then slightly hopeful. Then read the other comments here. Then checked the link again. Then was sad. But then was happy again to say “Happy 10th, Dreamcast.”

  8. That was great! I felt just like old times! I will admit believing for a moment that it was true when I saw the link address. Still, it was fun looking into an alternate universe for a few minutes.

  9. Maybe in another time, another place, that news all would’ve been a reality. At least we can imagine what it would’ve been like. Great link there.

  10. There’s a certain thread on your own forums that might make you reconsider that statement, Parish.

    But for today, at least, we will not consider that.

  11. Aw, man. That is too cool.

    I remember watching the Japanese Chu-Chu Rocket commercial off of the GIA all the time back in the 7th grade.

  12. Please don’t be a troll. Please don’t be a troll. Please don’t be a troll. Please don’t be a troll. Please don’t be a troll. Please don’t be a troll. Please don’t be a troll. Please don’t be a troll.

    (A guy can wish right? Maybe if I say it enough…)

  13. On the 10th anniversary, the day I most want to believe it, I finally didn’t fall for it. For the first time ever, I didn’t fall for a Dreamcast 2 announcement. That’s a whole new kind of melancholy.

  14. Parish was most likely in on this, of course, between being the graphic designer of the original GIA and the 00:01 post time…

    It’s a fun joke, but I wish the double agent column hadn’t covered the exact same ground as the site font page. I enjoy my brief visit to this alternate universe and would have liked to learn more.

  15. I was not involved in this. I sold out and work for the man. And I probably turned down the Double Agent job one time too many. I am but an outsider to this spectacle.

  16. As nice as it would be to have The GIA back, Rock Band Led Zeppelin, and Nomura out of a job, I don’t want to live in a world where Sony, Apple, and Sega are the only companies making consoles.

  17. Can an admission come any plainer than that? He turned down the *double agent* job one too many times, I’m sure.

  18. Everyone remembers this as the Dreamcast’s birthday. Everyone forgot the red-headed twin, left to cry alone in the corner.

    It’s OK, Final Fantasy VIII. I remembered your birthday.

  19. Ahyes, I remember this day too, as I “LOL’d” at the lines to purchase their stillborn system on it’s “birthday”. Even the Nintendo Gamecube better survived that generation, and it was even more ridiculously underpowered, uninventive, and undersupported. Sega should have moved into marketing, it’s really the only thing they were ever good at. They were The Monkees of the console market.

  20. Aw, dang, I was busy yesterday and hadn’t got a chance to hit the “Continue” buttons on every post. I assume there was more there? Good thing I left Double Agent open in a tab.

    I loved the divide on first reactions to this. Some people were first hit by “holy crap, Dreamcast 2”, while others (like me) were only thinking “holy crap, the GIA”. (Quickly followed by “rock on, Mega Man Legends 4”.)

  21. It is fun to recall the days when Sega could motivate its troops to make great games with in-house hardware, but I was tipped off by “President Kodama”. She’s a good artist and designer, but I don’t see her as the executive type.

  22. Count me on the, “Holy crap, the GIA” side. Kind of a bummer that it’s gone so soon, as I didn’t click through everything either. So bright, so fleeting… Perhaps it’s best the portal’s closed now, to keep our desires from overwhelming us.

    Goichi Suda publishing under Nomura’s studio is a pretty scary thought, though. Just try and imagine a Nomura Mask de Smith. There are like, three masks on that guy. Three totally separate masks.

    They’re not even pulled one over the other. One of them is on backwards.

    It’s a umpire’s mask for godsake.

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