(Still) off and away

I’m back from PAX, but that doesn’t mean I have time to do anything here just yet. Bear with me until Thursday and GameSpite will be up and running as usual again. At the moment, however, I’m on the aaaagh no time no time good grief schedule that denotes fall has arrived, and pries me reluctantly away from the things I love most, like working on the site and sleeping and stuff. I’d say “and my fiancée,” but she’s still photographing the Midwest for another month. I blame the government.

Anyway, I’m off to a review event which will see me locked into a hotel room for 12 hours a day. I always feel a little hesitant about these sequestered sessions, but I’m gonna have to trust my own judgment and the fact that I don’t let people ply me with booze to keep my opinion on the straight and narrow. I assumed the game being scrutinized was supposed to be secret, but it looks like they’ll have us using our own IDs on the system’s network, so I imagine the Internet will know what we’re playing before we’ve even tweaked the control settings. Man, game reviewing. What a big, goofy mess it is sometimes.

7 thoughts on “(Still) off and away

  1. I’m personally hoping that Boing Boing accuses you of being a lily-livered scumbag like last time. We might get another terrible Flash game out of it.

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