Oh lordy, it’s not even 5 a.m. and here I am waiting for a taxi. What foolishness is this? Oh, yes, right: Penny Arcade Expo. I guess that’s alright, then.

I want you to know that my resolve to bring you an amazing (well, maybe?) Retronauts live panel means I have passed up an opportunity to travel to my favorite city in the world*, Tokyo, so that I may sit in front of a few dozen people (or at least, I hope it’s only a few dozen) and talk about things that happened in the world of videogaming a decade ago. It’s a sickness, really. I have a number of very foolish ideas about how this panel should go, and it will be interesting to see which of them actually make their way past my mental filters into reality. You never know, man. I’m crazy like that.

In the meantime, I rather suspect my regular posting schedule here will be disrupted through the weekend. But of course you can see my disjointed babbling in chunks of 140 characters or less by watching the obligatory Twitter feed, or the other one, and of course my various and sundry blogs. As for now, I gotta see a man about a ride to the airport. Adieu.

* When administered in small doses, i.e. ten days at a time or less.

6 thoughts on “Back-PAX

  1. No, I’ll be at TGS. This was to be a smaller-scale affair, which is to say less stressful and more fun. C’est la vie!

  2. The one constant about first-time panellists, I find, is that they assume that if they are lucky they will get a few dozen people turn up and how rad would that be.

    A warning: they do not schedule panels that they think only a few dozen people will go to. Be prepared for the room to be FULL.

  3. Thanks, Jeremy. Your devotion is as enjoyable as it is diseased. I look forward to deciphering the noise-corrupted panel recording.

  4. Terrible? I think you mean awesome. Come for some of the best videogame discourse the internet has to offer, stay for the puns.

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