Tasteful tourism

Frankenmuth is Michigan’s Germantown, a sort of touristy city that trades mainly in the fact that it has a lot of German heritage. Still, doesn’t this little tourist knickknack seem a little… I dunno, racist? Or maybe tasteless?

If this sort of thing is still acceptable, though, I may go into business making some variants of these myself. Here are a few inspirations I had:

  • “A Chinese knight is a chink in the armor.”
  • “A pooping Italian is a doo wop.”
  • “An old white person is a stale cracker.”

Hmm, I dunno. I don’t really feel good about these, for some reason.

21 thoughts on “Tasteful tourism

  1. I’ve never even heard the term “wop” in real life. I’ve only read it in a list of slang terms that people supposedly used to say.

  2. Racist? I dunno, I usually define racism as prejudice plus power.

    Tasteless? Hell yeah.

  3. But it was cool to hate Germany…! in 1917…

    I’ve heard the term wop, mostly from Italians themselves. There’s a delightful steakhouse 20 minutes from my childhood home that’s affectionately called “Al the Wops”

  4. Did you eat at Zhender’s during your stay? That place has some great food, even if it’s quite a gaudy establishment (I usually eat at the sit-down part of the restaurant and avoid the family-style part).

    Chicken Schnitzel + Spatzle = YES.

  5. ^Oh lighten up! Keep your overbearing and incorrect notion of race politics to places where its appropriate; here not being it.

    Anyhow, Frankenmuth can be fun depending on where you go. You better have gone to Zehnders!

  6. Oh, yeah. I forget you’re from Michigan sometimes. I haven’t been to Frankenmuth in a long while. We went to that-one-famous-restaurant-whose-name-I’ve-forgotten-but-reading-the-other-comments-I-see-it-is-probably-Zehnder’s-since-that-sounds-familiar.

    Uhm, but now I’m vegan so I doubt I’ll ever go back there.

    Have you ever been to the Leaf and Bean in Royal Oak? I got the best Americano ever from them earlier today.

  7. Ah! You were like 10 minutes from me. Should’ve called and we could’ve hung out! Nevermind that we don’t actually know each other :P

  8. If I had the money, I would tell you to buy me that right now. I’m mostly of German heritage too, so that makes it okay!

  9. I don’t think I can add much more to the statements that Zehnder’s chicken is the best, but I agree so much with that comment. Also the noodles they serve are fantastic.

    Did you go to the underground gift shops and pick up some of the seasoning that they sell there? I did last time I was there around Easter. My Family always schedules a trip out there if we run out.

  10. I watched Dr. Strangelove in German once once and they just translated the word ‘Kraut’ as ‘german’. Pretty lame, subtitlers.

  11. Also, one of the differences is I’ve seen stuff like the *pictured* one displayed publicly in some other German-American households I’ve been in.

    I think the first other two would be more in a private place, like how some African-Americans have collections of racist items to remind them of Jim Crow.
    The last one, though, would be even more sell-able since of all the “redneck” stuff that’s for sale.

    Though I wonder why some restaurants CONTINUE to use “Dago” to sell Italian sandwiches….

  12. Hm, is ‘Kraut’ considered prejudice? I’ve normally assumed it’s a more neutral term.

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