GameSpite Quarterly 2, #40: 3rd Strike

40. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
We kick off the first article from GameSpite Quarterly 2 with a look back at the modern hardcore gamer’s favorite fighter to feel sheepish about dismissing when it was new: 3rd Strike. In posting this I realized I misspelled the name as “Third Strike” all the way through the printed edition. My deepest apologies to all. Please enjoy this correct version for free.

8 thoughts on “GameSpite Quarterly 2, #40: 3rd Strike

  1. I find myself doing that weird thing where I skip GSQ content posted online so I can read it fresh in print when the book arrives. I’ll have to learn to live with “Third Strike”, I suppose.

  2. Great article. I really did love the parry system, as bad as I was at it. I kind of wish it would make a comeback. At least it was an option in Capcom vs. SNK 2.

  3. So…. there are two 3rd Strike articles… one about Makoto, and the second one about parries…?

  4. Each author was struck by a different aspect of the game. It’s not really that strange, is it?

  5. Using a single element of a work to comment on the work as a whole is a staple of modern criticism of all kinds of media.

    I guess I don’t see why that’s odd at all.

  6. Yeah, like that 500 word review of Mario Sunshine I wrote that concentrated on how you could make Yoshi spin while vomiting 100% A+.

  7. All this time I’ve been living with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure on my Dreamcast, deprived of 3rd Strike. It didn’t have parries, but you could press “attack” during a block to push the opponent away from you.

    But Lumber and Rei make me feel deprived of a classic. I’d love to have a copy of 3rd Strike someday.

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