Perfect timing

The timing on this one worked out even better than I had intended: a couple of hours after posting yesterday’s Game Boy finale in Shantae, Ray’s epic Game Boy retrospective went live at 1UP, putting a wrap on our coverage there, too. And a little while after that, proof copies of GameSpite Quarterly 2 arrived via FedEx:

As you can see, the hardback cover art is a little messed up and needs to be reformatted, but besides that it looks frickin’ great. (And the paperback looks perfect.) Oh yeah, I need to upload the color cover, too. And do copy edits. And so on and so forth. Still! Almost there. If for some reason you had a hankerin’ to pick up the first issue, I’d say hold off for a week or so and get the two together to save shipping costs.

The subscriber bonus book came out a lot better than expected, too. Some of the text is a little squinty to read, but I had assumed it would be mostly illegible. Not so; the contents look pretty nice. I’ll be placing an order for those whenever I upload the final edition of GSQ2, I guess, and mailings will commence thereafter to the site’s loyal supporters. “But wait!” you protest. “I want one, yet the link for supporting the site has long since evaporated.” That’s true, but I do have something in mind that’ll be fair to everyone. Hopefully.

12 thoughts on “Perfect timing

  1. Is it intentional that the gamespite logo is spoofing the logo of one of the worst websites of our times, GameSpot?

    I mean, of course it’s intentional, but is it intentional in a sarcastic kind of way or intentional in an homage kind of way?

    Hope it’s neither. When I eventually buy an overpriced ebay copy, I would hate for that logo to constantly remind me of that awful website.

  2. So, is telebunny going to be the new toastyfrog?

    @Old-Man Angst VGM: I’m not sure, but I do know that Parish used to work at GameSpot, so I’m not sure how he feels about such bashing…

  3. I have never worked for GameSpot. I did freelance two strategy guides for them when they were a Ziff-Davis property, but that was just work-for-hire.

  4. The only reason I casually visited gamespot ( was because it used to be EGM’s old site. But once it ceased to be, I stopped visiting due to not offering me anything that other sites weren’t offering already. And now that the few decent people it had have left, then even more reason to never visit again.

    Gamespot is the EA of VG websites.

    Anyway, eventually I’ll buy the books, probably overpriced on ebay. These books are retro nerd porn for the eyes.

  5. I think I’m gonna pick up this Q2 piece. Think it’d look nice on the ‘ol shelf. Jay Paree, you bastard, I knew I’d end up paying you to read about videogames ever since I saw yer mug in EGM.

  6. Loved G1, can’t wait for G2. Parish, thanks for that Skies of Arcadia guide by the way. I played the game years ago; my friend printed out your entire guide and got scolded by his father for using all of the ink. He bound it and we called it “the official” guide for our collection purposes. When you mentioned writing the guide in a Retronauts episode, it blew my mind to think that I had never known you were the author.

  7. That is awesome. I was really sad that the Internet died right after I did my Skies guide, ’cause it was great money, and the guy who did the assignments loved my work. I coulda had a good thing going.

  8. Parish, if you ever need a hand copy editing, I could always use more practice. Plus, call me crazy, I’ve always liked that aspect of my journalism degree the most.

  9. Ah, good to see GameSpite 2 in the flesh & also the bonus book. I’m a newcomer (from the UK) to this site & already have the first two books (which I’ve enjoyed bucket loads by the way), so I’ll be placing an order as soon as it hits the site. I would also love to buy the bonus book, so I’ll keep checking back for any info regarding new supporters to the cause. Keep up the good work guys/gals.

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