GameSpite Quarterly #1, part 11.5

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
So hey, it’s Super Mario Bros. Except portable! That’s really all I have to say about this game. Well, except all the stuff I said in the article. Which I said there and shouldn’t repeat here, because then what would be the point of clicking through and reading it? Honestly, what this world needs a whole lot more of is a little more common sense.

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  1. When I first got a Game Boy Color, my brothers clamored to buy games to play on it. For my older sibling, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe was his choice. Since he had given away our NES to relatives without any say, it was the first time we had the original SMB in the house in years, and we constantly fought over who got to play it while on long car trips.

    Fast forward a few years, when I started to become an active member on various gaming forums, and my sweet memories of the game were crushed by nitpicky gamers who could not stand the visual sacrifices and level tweaks. For a while I believed them, and questioned my own enjoyment of the game. Sometime later re-evaluated it and came to the conclusion that I still thought highly of it.

    Not only was SMB DX a welcome blast from the past, but years later it would teach me that while the Internet’s combined opinions on many games are often stated in a definitive tone, they should never be considered truly definitive. That sounds rather boring these days, but at the time and age it was a revelation for me.

  2. Minor nitpick: I’m pretty sure that the All-Stars version of the original (and Lost Levels), rather than being a direct port, had some slightly altered physics. Most noticeably, when you hit a breakable brick from below as Super or Fire mario, you don’t immediately get sent back down; rather your jump continues upward for a fraction of a second and a few pixels, then you go back down. Feels a little looser.

    Other than that, though, great read.

  3. @taidan:

    I like that story. Reminds me of my own (somewhat opposite) experience with Final Fantasy VII: I had heard online about how it was the be-all and end-all of RPGs (this was before I had heard of things like GameSpite). When I finally played it a couple of years ago, I gradually came to learn that I shouldn’t take the Internet’s word as gospel.

  4. I remember having a MUCH easier time with the Mario DX version of Lost Levels than I did with the All-Stars version. I think they took out the strong winds and maybe something else, but it has been to long and I don’t remember.

  5. This was the very first video game that I ever played when I was like 6. I have fond memories, especially of the well-done menu.

  6. This was actually the only version of Super Mario Bros. I’ve ever beaten.

    Also, I’ve heard that only half of the levels from Lost Levels are actually in the game. Any truth to this?

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