GameSpite Quarterly #1, part 11.1

The post-per-day format seems to be doing fairly well for us, so I’m considering keeping it going. At the very least, doling out the articles one at a time seems to elicit more interest in each one around the Internet. So that’s cool. Certainly this format is a big help while I’m on vacation, and since I’ll be on an aeroplane above the American heartland when this entry goes live I guess we’ll keep it rolling on through the end of this issue’s material (and, incidentally, it’s probably the only way all this content will see the light of day before Quarterly #2 arrives). I’ll still be blogging here, though, so it’s not as though is just mutating into a mass of warmed-over content. I just haven’t had much opportunity to write lately. My vacation has turned out to be four days solid of babysitting tiny monsters masquerading as a nephew and niece, thus I’ll probably have more time for personal endeavors once vacation is over. Ah, adulthood.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
It’s fitting, I think, that just as the Game Boy’s moment of glory was its brilliantly inventive take on the Zelda franchise, so too is this Game Boy-centric issue’s highlight Nicola Nomali’s exhaustive elegy to the game. Set aside ten minutes of your life today to let the Wind Fish’s mystery transport you.

9 thoughts on “GameSpite Quarterly #1, part 11.1

  1. I kind of like the post-a-day format. It gives you something to look forward to for a stretch, and makes it easier to give each post more time. When you put up 3 or 4 at once, I tend to skip at least one.

  2. I always felt the same about Link’s Awakening vs. LttP in terms of the area dimension thing. Not only was it the return to single screens, but also that they concentrated on fitting more stuff to tinker with in each area, as opposed to LttP’s clusters of trees and other impediments.

  3. Link’s Awakening was the Zelda game that actually got me into playing Zelda games. Before it came out, I never even looked at the series. I picked it up on a whim back in the early 90’s, and I’ve been hooked on Zelda ever since.

  4. I will always remember Link’s Awakening for being the first game I’d ever actually completed in its entirety. It took me exactly one year to finish, which I can easily attribute to being young. Still, it was a fantastic adventure that made me believe in the whole “swords and sorcery” thing that a lot of games have been founded on.

  5. Link’s Awakening was the second GB game I bought.. and when the DX version came out, it was the first game I bought twice. I can also pretty much guarantee that if the DSi gets the Virtual Console setup we all want it to have, it’ll be the first game I buy three times.. dispite still having the other two. It’s probably the Zelda I look back at most fondly, though I’ve played through LttP many more times. So many memories.. and all of them good!

  6. I personally think Link’s Awakening is the best in the series. Everyone has warm fuzzies for their first Zelda game, and this was mine. Marin captivating everyone with her lovely song, requiting Link’s affections, and she would actually spend time with him, it really was like the Zelda of his dreams that could only exist there. So bittersweet.

  7. Favorite entry in the Zelda franchise. I was positively heartbroken by the ending, no matter how much it was forshadowed.

    In fact, by the time I reached the last dungeon (actually, not sure if the egg itself counts as a dungeon, more the requisite maze), sentemental kid I was I put down the game and refused to beat it for like, half a year (because I totally knew where it was leading).

    Honestly couldn’t tell you one other Zelda that I remember as vividly and as fondly. Really wish that one day they’d give us a DS remake, I just hope that if they did they wouldn’t mess with the games oddness too much.

  8. Wow, very nice review. It’s nice to see screenshots being used.

    Thank you very much. It’s good to know the effort I put into capturing and composing images is appreciated.

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