GameSpite Quarterly #1, part 10.3

Still plugging away through this week’s content, this time with a little mini-article. Is it strange for us to publish a fond retrospective about a device designed entirely for cheating? Yeah, well, that’s the GameSpite difference: we’re just as reprehensible as everyone else, but we’re honest about it.

13 thoughts on “GameSpite Quarterly #1, part 10.3

  1. Hell, when I wanted multiples of the trade-only guys (who’s bright idea was it to give Lickitung and Farfetchd those ridiculous names?) I was still using a Game Genie.

  2. I still got my old Gameshark with me to this day. It’s starting to split down the middle, but it still worked like a charm when it came to catching rare Pokémon.

  3. I straight-up scooped everyone on the Pokémon GameShark codes, by the way. The Game Genie Code Creator’s Club seems to be dead and gone now, but as soon as I got Red & Blue in the mail I went to work and made a handful of codes, just to be the first. And I’m pretty sure they were published on the net first, before the more popular Game /Shark/ CCC did, anyway.

    I didn’t come up with the “catch any pokémon” codes, though. I think just stat modifiers, an infinite item code, and an incomplete infinite money code. Maybe some other things, I don’t know, but it wasn’t much – I only had an evening to find them, since the next day I would be leaving on a vacation and wouldn’t have any internet access.

    The guy who did come up with the “catch any pokémon” codes deserved more credit then he got. I wish I could remember his name, or where his old site was.

  4. The GameShark made Pokemon playable for me. I never wanted to trade or battle others; I just wanted to “catch them all” on my one cart. I remember giving myself Mew in the beginning, and then just enabling the ability to catch trainer’s Pokemon in addition to the wild ones.

    The game that GameShark truly ruined was Phantasy Star Online.

  5. I have only used my Playstation GameShark for one thing so far: to use Norimaro in Marvel vs Street Fighter. Too bad I didn’t have a code to go through the 1 player “tag team” game with him, and it’s too bad I still couldn’t see his ending.

  6. I spent a lot of time with a PSX Game Shark and Final Fantasy Tactics. There was a lot of neat stuff hidden in that game. The debug rooms in FF7, FF8, and Xenogears were also great fun.

  7. Pfft, I didn’t use no stinkin’ GameShark. I cheated the God intended: Swimming along the coast of Cinnabar Island.

  8. Reading these comments makes me want to go back and catch them all again on my old Pokemon Blue cart. That game really was something special.

    Anyway, glad people enjoyed the article!

  9. I was rockin’ the Gameboy Light when Pokemon came out, refusing to upgrade to a system I couldn’t see worth a damn. That meant I missed out on a lot of the GBC era of games, but I was lucky to find a new game still supported the old system. After I beat the game to death and caught all I was allowed, I dug out the original Game Genie to get Mew. I actually had friends to trade for the Red exclusives, despite the fact I was in High School and probably too old to play the damn thing. However, not a lot of new codes were still being made for Game Genie, everyone had that fancy new GameShark. I only paid $12 for mine (new), and I wasn’t going to waste money on a new cheat device. But, I eventually found a code and tried to make it fair to myself (and others?) by making it appear as a low level “wild” Pokemon. However, there’s been recent discoveries of a way to get Mew without using any cheat devices. I would have preferred that.

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