Action dad

You know, no matter how dreadful the G.I. Joe movie turns out to be — though surprisingly, early word is that it’s considerably less soul-crushingly lousy than certain other summer action films, if not precisely good — I will always admire it for giving us another truly legendary toy. Introducing: Dennis Quaid, Man of Action.

The fascinating combination of jet pack, rifle, too-large-to-be-a-briefcase luggage, and short sleeve shirt says less “elite delta force commander” and more “your neighbor’s scary dad going on vacation with the intent of shooting living creatures somewhere in the woods.” See, just because the movie puts everyone in muted, mostly realistic military outfits doesn’t mean they’re actually any less outlandish than the original toy line’s Village People approach to costuming.

7 thoughts on “Action dad

  1. Did they have some leftover Willem Dafoe heads from the first Spiderman movie or what?

  2. I just read that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Cobra Commander. I guess I’ll have to see this. Eventually.

  3. Ooh, now I can pair that Dennis Quaid figure with my Queequay figure from Return of the Jedi and relive all of my favorite moments from Enemy Mine in my backyard. Look, Jerry just gave birth to an…acorn!

  4. With that and the upcoming Scarlett Johannson Black Widow figure, I can make the best sequel to In Good Company ever!

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