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I live a few blocks from the offices of Marx Realty, which has long amused me. You know, the irony of using the name Marx for a business predicated on selling people property. It’s funny! I mean, not hilarious or anything, but worth a wry, I-still-remember-Social-Studies-class chuckle.

It took on much more significance this past weekend while I was in Orange County, though. While en route to the airport, I passed a billboard for Adam Smith Realtors.

If that doesn’t encapsulate the differences between San Francisco and Los Angeles, I don’t know what does.

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  1. Yeah, I live in Orange County but have been up to the Bay Area a few times. The disparity between SoCal and NorCal is pretty mind-boggling. I’d actually probably fit in better up there.

  2. I’ll say it, I don’t get the second part about the Adam Smith Realtor. Can you ruin the joke by explaining it for me?

  3. Adam Smith wrote The Wealth of Nations, the treatise which basically forms the foundation of free market capitalism. The opposite of Karl Marx, see. Kind of like how SF is full of dirty hippies and LA is all about the glamour of the American dream.

    And I was in OC barely long enough to go to an engagement ceremony, eat lunch, and leave.

  4. See, I was wondering what was so funny about the Marx BROTHERS selling property, and then got all confused.

  5. On a similarly but completely different note, I live a few blocks away from a Morrissey Law Firm.

    I always thought it would be funny if they did an ad where they talk about how they used to work under and are friends with the district attorney and “They Hate It Whenever Our Friends Become Successful.”

  6. It’s interesting to hear how California is divided like that. Being in the middle of the country I always thought the whole state was “dirty hippie” types.

  7. Well, the state shot down gay marriage last year with Prop 8.

    I’m one of those dirty OC people, btw. (Not among those who voted for it, nor do I wish to spend much longer here to begin with.)

  8. Man, I can’t tell if that realty office is a spiderhole or a transplanted WW2 barrack. Either way, I’m glad Karl’s finally come around to loving America.

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