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After about five or six weeks of sales for GameSpite Quarterly #1, the plucky little magazine/journal/mini-book/whatever has sold about 300 copies. That’s hardly enough for me to quit and make it my full-time job, but still hardly too shabby for a fairly pricey niche-oriented publication with outrageously high shipping fees. Especially since I haven’t actually promoted it outside of this site.

We’re about a week from deadline for article text submissions for issue 2, and the results are really great so far! So, I figure it’s time to begin talking about the next book. I’d do the viral thing, but I don’t have time to really come up with something interesting. You’ll have to settle for the indelicate presentation of the teaser image from the back of the first issue, I’m afraid.

However, I can assure you it is relevant in every way to the theme of the next book. I can also assure you that the lemon cake in this photo was delicious.

17 thoughts on “Coming next

  1. Come on, Jeremy, you know as much as anyone right now; viral = COUNTDOWN CLOCK. Do it. haha.

  2. And it is definitely not a countdown to the announcement of a countdown for the announcement of a teaser for an announcement. God, Kojima.

  3. Fun to be number 1? Maybe the issue focuses on games that were the first in a long series? Or maybe at the top of their genre? Or games that involve “taking a number 1?”

  4. I know it doesn’t mean dick until I actually buy, but I’m dedicated to buying all these publications as soon as I start making a paycheck in two weeks.

  5. Whenever I see “# 1” in relation to video games, I always think of the Super Nintendo.

    But that’s probably because I owned a Genesis.


  6. My guess would be an Atari-themed issue, though in that case the cake should’ve been flavored with pot, flopsweat and shattered dreams rather than lemon extract.

  7. That makes me think of a horrible song that no one in the USA knows of.

    Yes, it’s oh so very end-of-the-nineties.

  8. Cool to hear you’ve sold several issues; I’d be pretty proud of that. You’re a good writer.

    Time willing, you should update the sites look and feel. It feels rather detached from its subject matter.

  9. As an aside… Are we ever gonna get gamespite year 1, volume 2?

    You know the one with all the games that start with Z?

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