A fine how-do-you-do

Wow, no one told me they were working on a live-action rendition of Final Fantasy VI. Johnny Depp as Kefka, though? That’s some inspired casting.

Ann Hathaway as Mog looks a little weird, though.

I bet the purists are on pins and needles about whether they’ll go with Tina/Mash or Terra/Sabin!

29 thoughts on “A fine how-do-you-do

  1. Man, the thing is, I could actually totally see Johnny Depp pulling off Kefka. Now you’ve got me thinking about this, which can’t possibly be a good thing.

  2. Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen and Anne Hathaway as the White Queen. So it’s based on the Looking Glass?

    Wait, why is Alice 17 in this movie?

  3. I’m a little tired of watching Johnny Depp dress up for Halloween every movie he’s in, but that’s one neat looking hat (uh, guess you gotta find the full picture elsewhere).

  4. I guess I’ll have to take your word that that’s Johnny Depp, because I would have guessed Elijah Wood.

  5. I am reminded that the Mad Hatter needs to show up in a Batman movie at some point.

    @LilSpriteX: I guess it’s supposed to be based on Through the Looking Glass, but the plot sounds more like that American McGee game than anything Carroll wrote.

  6. I made a new bookmark that takes me straight to the forums so I can bypass that nightmarish image.

  7. Wait, why is Alice 17 in this movie?

    ‘Cause only more year ’til she’s legal dude!

  8. Alice is 17 because this movie is a sequel of sorts. A 17 year old Alice runs away from a suitor in a panic, and ends up following the White Rabbit. She returns to Wonderland, having long since forgotten her former trips.

    Alan Rickman (Snape) is the Caterpillar.

    The movie is intended to be shown in 3D. :(

  9. Also, I think the world would have been better off with a live action Final Fantasy movie than Spirits Within or Advent Children.

  10. @OtherMacGuy: You’re going to have to enlighten me, boss. Did his name come up somewhere?

    Also, Alan Rickman as the Caterpillar is perfect casting. I anxiously await a trailer for the movie.

  11. “Alan Rickman (Snape) is the Caterpillar.”

    I’m crying on the inside. Not only because it’s sad that people need to be told who Alan Rickman is, but because he’s best described as “(Snape)”. The times we live in…

  12. Glad I’m not the only one who saw Elijah Wood in that picture; it’s almost hard to believe it ISN’T Wood. Looks absolutely nothing at all like Depp. Interested, at any rate.

  13. @mrbuu: Jervis Tetch, the Mad Hatters real name, is the henchman they nab after the attempt on the mayor’s life. Harvey nearly goes all Frank Miller on him.

  14. “Alice is 17 because this movie is a sequel of sorts.”

    Which is why it’s based on Through the Looking Glass (although the animated film takes scenes from both books). As far as I know Alice is still a little girl in that book. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think 17 year-old Alice is that big of a deal; heck, some of the best imaginings I’ve seen of Alice deviated from the material so much as to be completely different stories (if you ever get a chance, see the Jan Svankmajer stop-motion Alice. It’s amazing). But I do think 17 year old Alice is a dumb idea.

    I’m definitely interested, though. It looks like Burton’s going to try what Monkeybone tried (using every animation trick in the book in one movie).

    I hope Depp’s Hatter (or Hatta, if they’re following the second book) stays a minor character and doesn’t end up tagging along with Alice.

  15. @Alixsar: Take solace in that my reaction would’ve been like “Alan Rickman (Hans Gruber) is the Caterpillar.”

  16. Hm, I’d rather see a film adaptation of Alan Moore’s take on Alice in Wonderland.

  17. Ah, victim of my own hubris. I think I read the Tetch thing somewhere else on the internets.

  18. Even joking about Johnny Depp as Kefka is painful, because it can never be.

    Also, doesn’t he totally look like Elijah Wood there? It drives me nuts! KCar knows!

  19. Christ on a crutch, Parish! Will someone please update the front page so I don’t have to look at this anymore?

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