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Has graffiti become this nerdy everywhere, or is it just a San Francisco thing? After snapping this, I caught the train and passed a tree that someone had vandalized to look like an OM NOM NOM NOM photo. I swear, this city….

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  1. Obviously Sho Minamimoto has invaded San Francisco from the UG. We’re so zetta screwed.

  2. For years taking the trolley to classes (which took back paths through a few industrial areas) carried me past a giant, half-metallic-paint Megatron, and Pennywise the Clown a few buildings down.

    I’m pretty sure nerds and graffiti are not as divorced as you think.

  3. On a path I rollerblade through in the woods here in Michigan, someone spray-painted the Quake II logo on a rock – the Q with two lines through it, with “Quake” written underneath it.

  4. I’ve encountered the Justin Bailey password in bathroom stalls twice. I believe that’s the extent of my exposure to this sort of thing.

  5. With graffiti this awesome, it almost makes you not care that the next big quake could dump California, at least the parts not burned past recognition in forest fires, screaming into the open sea. (This one’s for you, dj.)

  6. In the bathroom at my college’s engineering (shock!) building, the tile wall was covered in AWFUL puns involving ’tile.’ e.g. Morgan Fair-tile. There were probably about 30 variants.

  7. Similarly, my college’s bathrooms are littered with ‘punny’ jokes. The kids find it funny to write grout themed titles in between the tiles. e.g. Oscar the Grout.

  8. I remember the first time I walked into a bathroom stall in college, and found no gang signs, or drawings of penises. Instead, there were ENTIRE PHILOSOPHICAL DEBATES scribbled in sharpee on the stall-walls. I loved college, but man… I really hated it too, you know?

  9. Oddly enough, Ken reminded me of my first college bathroom experience, as it was pretty much the same kind of thing. And this was my community college! Craziness.

  10. Josh, you’re not talking about the second floor bathroom in Morgan Hall, are you?

  11. There are numerous stencils of Darth Vader around downtown Upper Peninsula Michigan college town. It’s actually how I know where some of the local restaurants are.

  12. I’ve seen plenty of places around Chicago that have been tagged “X-Men” but I can’t quite be sure if they’ve been placed there by comic book nerds.

    Outside of my apartment building someone has stenciled something labeled “Redeye Jedi” but the graphic is not specifically Star Wars related.

    Oh, and we’ve the FAIL house (http://www.flickr.com/photos/benjibot/3194276637/) but that’s just someone’s apartment.

  13. When I was in college, the Classics and French departments shared one floor of a building, and there was Latin graffiti in the men’s room on that floor that slightly re-worded the first few sentences of Caesar’s commentary on the Gallic Wars so that they became a series of insults aimed at the French department.

    Probably more than anyone cared to know, but you did ask, sort of.

  14. Never seen any nerdy stuff, but I did see some actually pretty beautiful stuff behind a building in this area. Suprisingly artistic and well done.

  15. There’s a Masters of the Universe graffito/mural on a building somewhere in Miami. I used to see it while riding the Metrorail. Or maybe not MotU, but it definitely featured Orko.

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