Everything must go

Back when I published GameSpite Year One, Vol. 1, I kept about half a dozen extra copies of the hardcover book on-hand in case I ever needed to promote it, give gifts, or whatever. Now that all the paid-for copies have been mailed out and appear to have reached their destinations properly, I realize I don’t have much use or room for a stack of duplicate books. Also, weddings are expensive. So I’m offering these last six copies up for sale to anyone who’s interested, same price as before ($60 inscribed and shipped for U.S. destinations, $65 to the Americas, $70 world). Aside from my own personal library copy, these are the last six remaining hardcover editions of the book, and no others will ever be printed. Drop me a line at toastyfrog@gmail.com if you’re interested — first come, first serve.

In other news, Blurb’s bookmaking software just received a serious upgrade. I haven’t had a chance yet to kick its tires, but I expect future publications from this here website will be significantly improved as a result of the new app.

Edit: All copies tentatively spoken for. And that’s all, folks!