The worst kind of onion

Graffiti is fascinating. Nowhere else, except maybe in a particularly awful breed of webcomic, will you see so many random English words mashed together for comedic (?) effect. Like so:

Despite the promise of info, I was unable to determine what, if anything, a “butt onion” is supposed to be. But the images that sprang to my mind, unbidden, have been disturbing me all morning. So I share it with you in the hopes that, like an annoying tune that gets stuck in your head, my passing it along will plague your mind with visions of butt onions and purge them from my own.

14 thoughts on “The worst kind of onion

  1. Now someone’s going to have to register on Talking Time with the name Butt Onion, or at least use that as their title.

  2. Graffiti is funny. It reminds me of one time when I was bar hopping with my brother in law, and we came across some in an alley. Someone had written several times “poopy” along the buildings in the alley. Why?

  3. I just imagine an onion that is butt-shaped. See also: big, ripe tomatoes.

    Vegetables: not just for wiener shapes anymore!

  4. say… isn’t there a “say something and someone will draw it” thread???

  5. Are you sure that’s not some creepy super secret Emperor Norton fanclub message again?

  6. –“But it wasn’t a butt! It was a butt… onion!


    Why does this remind me of the B-52’s?

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