Another project complete

I received a few final copies of GameSpite Quarterly #1 in the mail today. That’s very exciting! Now I can send them out to people I owe them to, such as our noble copy editor. And coinciding with their arrival, the last of the inscribed hardcover copies of Year One, Vol. 1 went in the mail yesterday — well, all but a couple of books heading to international destinations, for which I needed customs forms. Those’ll be mailed out tomorrow. And that will be another onerous burden off my shoulders.

Dear friends, if you ever see me volunteer to do something as completely boneheaded as draw four or five dozen unique cartoons or illustrations in a batch of books, please slap me and prevent me from committing to it. Because I am clearly a moron who has no sense of time management or self-preservation. Having said that… if you happen to be a recipient of one of those hardcover books, please be kind enough to post the artwork in this Talking Time thread so I have a permanent record of my folly.

Once I get back from E3, I’ll be motoring along to my next site project, which is the next site supporter gift. It’s been almost six months already! Yeesh. I’ve already begun reading for inspiration, though. I’ve powered through both Jeff Smith’s Bone and the complete Narbonic, so my brain is in proper working order. Hopefully.

6 thoughts on “Another project complete

  1. My copy of GameSpite Quarterly shipped Thursday, so it should be arriving early next week. Thanks Jeremy!

  2. The good ol’ corporate mail lady just dropped mine off.

    Now to find a scanner…

  3. Yes, a volunteer copy editor who took pity on us after all the typos in the first book.

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