Now printing: GameSpite Quarterly #1

The pages are proofed, the corrections are made, the files are uploaded, and I fear I can no longer contain my enthusiasm: GameSpite Quarterly #1 is go. Of course, it’s been a month since I announced it and I had hoped to have it live a week ago. And the content is already a going concern here on the site. But now you can hold a physical copy in your withered, mortal hands. I hear tell people like physical media, even in this Internet age.

The magazine — although, really, it’s more of a journal — is available in both a standard paperback edition for $12 and a special hardcover edition for $36. The only difference between the two editions is that the latter has an additional 30 pages of content (which will make its way onto the site, same as all the other articles) and a much nicer, more durable cover. I’ve opted for the “imagewrap” cover, which binds the cover image to the hard backing rather than printing it on a flimsy, easily-damaged dust jacket. It costs a dollar more, but I figured what the heck; if someone’s buying the more expensive edition, they’re clearly more concerned with permanence than economics and won’t mind putting down an extra buck for a copy that won’t end up tattered after a couple of reads.

The final page count is 160 pages standard edition, 190 page special edition. I’m quite satisfied that the standard edition is as cheap as one could possibly expect; it’s a print-on-demand, ad-free, grassroots publication on high-quality paper. These days most mass-market pocket-sized paperbacks sell for $8, and a 5″x8″ paperback like this usually sells for twice that. The publications I used as my inspirations, Japan’s Continue and, to a lesser degree, McSweeny’s, sell for $10 and $40 respectively. Granted, Continue has full color on half the pages, but it also has ads and a presumably larger print run. All things considered, I feel like we were able to put together a quality book, crammed with content, for a competitive price.

The old-fashioned approach to getting gaming journalism into print may be doomed in America, but perhaps the single upside to the death of great magazines like EGM is that it’s opened the door for smaller, niche creations like this. There’s certainly room for work far less niche-oriented than this, to be honest, but I went to great lengths to make sure this book wasn’t taking away content or time from the work I do at my day job; someone without those concerns to worry about could easily create a self-published magazine whose content would more closely resemble that of standard gaming publications. You know: previews and reviews and interviews about current things, rather than personal recollections about a 20-year-old portable system.

Anyway, a listing of the full contents of the book (and what text has been published online so far) are available on its index page, and you can order either edition from GameSpite’s Blurb page. We’re aiming to have the next issue ready at the end of August, but in the meantime I intend to enjoy having more time to write for the blog here again. I’ve missed you lovable little scamps.

18 thoughts on “Now printing: GameSpite Quarterly #1

  1. The thing about something like this is that it’s still going to be relevant in a year. Doing reviews and previews and what have you in the age of the Internet is folly. Print’s permanent. It deserves permanent content.

  2. Soo looking forward to getting my hands on this, was gonna get myself a Game Boy Light this week but that can wait, this thing looks awesome and given the guy who put it together it will be.

    Man I don’t think I could be in any more love with the Game Boy then I am now and a tome such as this would look great on my shelf. Can’t wait till I get one.

  3. Just to clarify, the hard bound copies are not a limited run like the GS-Year 1 copies were, right?

  4. I haven’t decided how long the hardcovers will be available, but mostly likely indefinitely.

  5. Is there an easy way to do a subscription that I’m missing?

    Also, shipping seems oddly expensive.

  6. It’s print on demand. Subscriptions would be impossible. And I have no control over shipping expenses, unfortunately.

  7. @ Ben Matasar

    UPS/FedEx is almost always going to be a bit more expensive than standard mail (and worth the price, IMO).

  8. Awesome. Now that I’m home from a con, the launch has been properly pimped via LJ and twitter.

  9. Ordered, and I’m already looking forward to getting future editions of this, ah, journal. :)

  10. I can’t tell you how much of a brilliant idea this is; I just wish the content was compelling enough for me to want to pick up a copy. But I’m also going to assume that, thanks to the name “Quarterly” being in it; that there’ll be another for me to covet. Keep up the good work. Print’s not dead; it’s merely in hiding.

  11. Blast, I should’ve checked the comments first before ordering. Shipping was more than I expected but my total is still well worth the price.

  12. Great, order for the hardcover is already in place, although it´ll certainly take it a while to arrive in europa (I´m still expecting my Year One HC ;) ).
    But it´s just a great read and a way to give something back to Jeremy & Co. – after all, the texts are just great teaching material if you want to reach a class of semi-interested students.

  13. Totally Awesome! I am sure I speak for everyone when I say thank you Jeremy.

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