In my time of need

I’m trying to track down a clean, high-resolution (640 pixels wide or better) scan of the full box for Bionic Commando, Game Boy version. Not Elite Forces, thanks very much; the original. If you can help me out, that would be great. If you’d like to sell me said box, that would be even greater. But I won’t hold my breath — I’ve been watching for someone to post a boxed copy of the game on eBay for almost a year with no luck, so I’ll settle for a scan.

I’m actually trying to track down a number of complete-in-box Game Boy games, for that matter. Email me if you have any you’re looking to get rid of. Maybe we can be friends! Or at least mutual participants in an observation of capitalistic principles.

17 thoughts on “In my time of need

  1. It’s a real shame how many boxes were destroyed by gamers to young to realize that their older selves might want to hold on to them. I thank god that, even as a child, I was a pack rat and kept almost every flimsy cardboard box as if there was no other option.

  2. Jeremy, dude, you are more out of your mind than I had previously gauged. I deeply admire your dedication to your shelf.

  3. If you needed the GBC Bionic Commando I’d be glad to hook you up. Alas, I don’t have the game that you need (I didn’t catch the bit where you asked for the original till the second time I read the post). Tragic!

  4. I’ve got a copy of it, although I’m at work and I won’t be able to get to it until I get home. But then!

  5. Actually, it’s not really so much for my shelf. I mainly need the scan for the magazine. I’d like to own the complete game, but having a scan is essential.

  6. Alas, it is at my parents’ house… I hope. I know they saved the boxes of most of my NES/GB games.

  7. Great, now I know I’ll be competing against Parish when that complete copy of Bionic Commando (GB) shows up on eBay…

    But I’m anal too for complete games. I spent $25 on the Secret of Mana snes box last year…

  8. Oh, ha . . . I thought you were crafting your own box facsimiles for your shelf to make sure your collection looked complete. Okay, you aren’t insane. I’m looking forward to the meat space release.

  9. Just got a message from my friend, he does still have his box. It’ll probably be a couple of days before he can get a scan for me though.

  10. I think I have a pristine box (and everything that came with it) for Final Fantasy Legend 2. So if you ever need any of *those* scans, I’ll be happy to oblige.

  11. A couple months ago, I went on a GameBoy buying spree. I snagged a GBASP along with about 10 games, complete in box. After only playing one game out of the bunch for more than 2 minutes (Donkey Kong), I am realizing that it was just an impulsive thing. I am already too busy playing a billion GBA games to bother with a handful of GBC games.

  12. Necros> I hear GameStops and the like aren’t helping; if they get a complete GB/C/A game, I’ve been told they dispose of the box, booklet, everything. And I was absolutely mortified.

  13. Why didn’t someone tell me to keep those crappy cardboard cases as a kid? I had no clue!!

    Alas, the box to my copy was destroyed years ago, and probably traded a few years after that. I have no clue where my GB games wen’t – somewhere into the aether, I suppose. Seriously, though – why can’t GameStop value quality a teeny tiny bit? They really don’t have to demand games with cases and such, but shit, keep ’em!

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