Clearing up a possible misunderstanding

A little bit of Twitterpation has sparked a sudden surge of interest in GameSpite Year One, Vol. 1, which is nice and all. But I think people are misunderstanding: the book that’s currently on sale is the one that was first published in December, and it compiles content posted on this site over the course of June 2007 through July of last year. The one full of yet-unpublished critiques about Game Boy isn’t available for sale yet! I hope to finish editing it this weekend, and then I will submit a proof for revisions, and then it will be available for purchase. Please do not buy the wrong one, because then I would feel bad as I don’t believe this on-demand service offers refunds.

So, to restate:

Yeah. Hope that helps.

12 thoughts on “Clearing up a possible misunderstanding

  1. Well… as soon as i get paid on Friday I was planning on picking up the old one anyway. Keep up the fancy times, Parish & Co.

  2. I think tricking people into buying something they’ve already bought is a fine Nintendo tradition that this site should adopt.

  3. D’oh!, etc. (This is just karmatic justice for the “longer podcast = better” jab, I think.)

  4. I hear in the new GameSpite, Mario and Link team up and fight the Contra aliens. And it’s exclusive to the Sega Jupiter. My friend’s dad bought it already, since he’s in the Air Force in Okinawa.

  5. I heard it won’t even come out in the UK until they’ve translated it into 5 other languages and doubled the price.

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