How I spent my weekend

Well, that’ll teach me to be frank and up-front about the behind-the-scenes decision-making processes of putting together a project like the quarterly books. Somehow a well-intended recommendation which I politely declined turned kind of ugly. Neat.

Anyway, pretty much all I did this weekend was put together the magazine, wrapping up my last few text contributions and developing layout ideas. While the book format is somewhat limited, I do want to art it up a bit, so I eventually lit upon the idea of combining the wasteful intro pages I used in the first book with the boring screenshot galleries at the end of each piece into something more compact and attractive — which is what you see here. It also lets me incorporate the site’s standard font (which will be much more legible on the page than on this image, as the sample is displayed at about 1/5 actual resolution) for a touch of cross-media unity. Smashing.

Perhaps best of all is that these streamlined designs have enabled me to keep the page count at 160 or less, meaning we won’t bump into the next folio size, which means a savin’ o’ the green. The final count for this issue will be 160 pages for $12.50 — about 60 pages more than I ever expected the magazine to run (the contributors have contributed a lot, and we have the Game Boy’s highlights pretty well covered) but right in line with my price goal. So that’s perfect.

I’m about halfway through the layouts, so I should be able to submit for editor proofs next weekend. The technical word for this is groovy.

23 thoughts on “How I spent my weekend

  1. No, it is not possible to release a color version at a higher cost. What would be the point, anyway? The magazine is about Game Boy games.

  2. Yeah, that looks boss. Totally stoked.

    And for what it’s worth, I’m sorry for my comment in the last one – we’re just all very excited and want to put out the best thing possible, you know?

  3. May I humbly recommend that you redesign the cover/spine at the last minute to make the magazine look like a giant Game Boy cartridge? It would only take several days’ worth of extra work, I know you can do it/thanks for taking one for the team/etc, bye.

  4. Yes, very nice intro/photo pages. I’m all for the black and white format, too, which worked quite nicely for GSY1V1, and I don’t really have much nostalgia for the green-on-green Game Boy thing, anyway. I can’t wait to plunk down for my copy!

  5. Game Boy? Color? Just grab a green piece of cellophane and place it over the page when you read it. It will be like looking at the real thing! :-D

  6. I dunno, maybe for boxart or something? Also, I’m probably in the minority here but I’m kinda fond of the Gameboy’s green piece of cellophane color palette.

  7. The magazine will be black and white AND portable, one would assume… That’s plenty meta already!

  8. Im really excited about this magazine. I doubt it will fill the whole left in my heart where EGM was, but it might make it smaller. Good job Parish. I eagerly await ordering my copy.

  9. Captain T-Frog (I originally typed “Parish” but it just seemed odd).
    What’re the chances for getting this shipped international. I didn’t really follow your previous Gamespite mag but this one has me intrigued, unfortunately I come from a land down-under.

  10. Blurb ships anywhere. Of course, it costs more to have it sent overseas, but it’s very much within the realm of doability.

  11. Hello! It’s been a while, but I found this place again, and find all kinds of new things!
    I’m interested in this next publication. I assume there will be a link posted for purchase
    when it’s all ready to go?
    Really looking forward to this, thank you all.

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