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Speaking of pain, my God, The Spirit. I couldn’t make it more than twenty minutes into the movie. Written and directed by comic book icon Frank Miller. Look, I like his hugely influential graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns as much as the next guy, but let’s not forget that Miller also wrote The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Sin City was a pretty good movie, but Miller also wrote Robocop 3. Seems for every great work Miller gives us, he also produces something… not quite as good.

So, anyway, I watched enough of The Spirit to see that they took the visual style of Sin City and mixed it with the over-the-top camp of the Schumacher Batman films, which is not a good idea at all. The “Digital Copy Included” starburst on the cover isn’t a selling point– it’s a threat. Stay away.

[[image:090414_blu.jpg:Blu-ray Wrap Up:center:0]]
Nothing really exciting this week. I did miss last week’s Blu-ray release of No Country For Old Men due to my unplanned vacation, so I suggest watching that instead of these.

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20 thoughts on “Add to Queue 84: Naproxen

  1. If you’re defending Robocop 3, I’m going to hold the exhaust of that jetpack up to your FACE.

    Until you die.

    JK LOL

  2. The Pride and Prejudice release from this week with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy is the definitive film version. Highly recommended for those that are man (or woman) enough to watch it.

  3. I know it’s not being released on Blu-Ray, but no love for “Mammazons 2: Double D Housewives”?

  4. I will enthusiastically second the recommendation of the BBC P&P.

    In other news, Frank Miller is a sociopath. Exhibit A: Sin City. Exhibit B: 300. The prosecution rests.

  5. Hey, I actually kinda liked “…Strikes Again”! I even like the art! Still haven’t seen The Spirit, and now I suppose I never will.

    A sociopath? I think that’s a little extreme. Are some of the stories needlessly violent? Sure. But those are his stories, not the man himself. It’s those kind of snap-judgement correlations that get mediums like comics and videogames into trouble by non-enthusiasts in the media. I’m not saying you have to like Frank Miller’s work, but lay off Frank Miller the person.

  6. Well what am I SUPPOSED to say? His work certainly APPEARS to reflect a nihilistic, pointlessly violent, and horrifically misogynistic worldview. If such material says nothing about his personal worldview, why does he constantly churn it out?

  7. I agree with cgmorton, DKSA was good. He was revisiting an idea decades after the fact, he approached it from a new angle that was in part a satire of DKR, and y’know, people who just wanted DKR part 2 (what for?) were instantly turned off.

  8. I enjoyed the movie version of 300 if only because of the weird purity of it’s hyper-xenophobic “Jocks vs. Faggy Art Students” batshit crazyness.

  9. Look, Robocop 3 had robot ninjas. It’s the most fun of the Robocop movies.

    I’m also pleased with the DKSA defense going on here.

    But yeah, I didn’t like The Spirit so much, but as a 24 fan, it was neat seeing so much Edgar Stiles.

  10. Mudron — I deliberately avoided bringing up 300 because for some reason people actually like that movie. I feel like an ant trying to understand calculus when I consider the inscrutable popularity of Zach Snyder as a director. Dawn of the Dead and Watchmen were nowhere near as good as the source material, and only my ignorance of the 300 graphic novel keeps me from calling it a hat trick. Ugh, Snyder has ruined slow motion for me. The only director who can still use the technique is Wes Anderson, in recognition of the fact that he is responsible for the best slow-motion shot of all time. (From the movie Rushmore, natch.)

  11. Mean Girls was pretty funny the first time but I don’t know if 1) I ever need to see it again or 2) if I need to see in STUNNING HIGH DEFINITION!!!!!


    Translation: no movies worth buying this week, it seems.

  12. We couldn’t make it past the 20-minute mark in Robocop 3. And we LIKE crappy movies.

  13. Just teasing – you’d be surprised at the number of Rushmore-haters in the world (and yes, the slo-mo final shot in the flick is pretty fantastic.)

  14. No one hated Rushmore when it was new. I never came across a single person with a bad thing to say about that movie when it was an under-appreciated gem from the relatively unknown director of Bottle Rocket.

    I think part of the reason that there are haters now is that is was elevated out of the indie gem ghetto in the light of Wes Anderson’s consistent success (Royal Tenenbaums OH MY GOD so good) and that many of the people who came to it late not only weren’t likely to be fans of that kind of movie, but are seeing it after so many movies ripped it off wholesale. Rushmore can’t possibly feel as fresh and new for them as it did for me.

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