Spring has sprung

Merry Easter, everyone! 1,970 years ago (or thereabouts) a man died, then undied, all so he could bring you the Good News. Based on the traditions that have built up around the event, that news appears to have been, “Hey guys, a rabbit hid a bunch of boiled eggs in your lawn.” Of course, if you don’t manage to find them all on Easter morning, this becomes very Bad News a few weeks later.

Incidentally, since my new-ish job duties are basically expending all my game blogging energy, I hope you don’t mind if I start writing about less specifically game-oriented things here. (Of course, the weekly articles will still be game-y, because there’s no place for gently-used games journalism on 1UP.) If you do mind, please let me know. Not that I intend to change my habits or plans because of a couple of disgruntled people, but this way I will know who to be watching for when I compulsively look over my shoulder in paranoia.

41 thoughts on “Spring has sprung

  1. As a long time reader of your site, I’m most interested in what you have to say. So yeah, I think it’d be cool if you could find the time to keep posting here with some measure of regularity.
    I mean, I know you’ll be posting on 1up, but it isn’t the same.

  2. nothing personal, but if you start writing articles that aren’t specifically related to games than i will likely stop reading your site. you’re a fantastic writer, but i honestly don’t care what you think about stuff that isn’t video games. again, it’s nothing personal i just really doubt that we share any interests outside of games. and i come here specifically to read about games.

  3. Eh, I wouldn’t mind some non-game posts mixed in. Keeps things fresh and interesting. Besides, if I’m craving some video game bloggage, it’s not like there’s a shortage of those on the intertubes. ;)

  4. I discovered this site after checking your 1UP profile and, for better or worse, I haven’t been back to 1UP since. (Okay, so I still do “drive-bys” to gander at Retro Gaming Blog. But I don’t have much use for the rest of the site.)

    I like your writing style and general tone/substance of the articles. Feel free to talk about whatever you want.

  5. seeing as my first real interaction was this site was firing you an email about Rush, I see only good things from an expansion of topic.

  6. I would very much enjoy articles on literature (including comics), music, and film. I am not as interested in reading articles on events that only exist to confirm our anxieties regarding the general crappiness of the world. :)

    If you enjoy something but still have to take the piss out of it for certain things, then I am interested in reading. I can’t think of the last time you wrote something just to beat the snot out of it, and the writing is better here than its ever been, so I guess, keep doing what you’re doing!

  7. No boiled eggs in this yard. Read in today’s paper the GR symphony is playing the music from Final Fantasy this week. Rumor has it Nobuo Uematsu will be there. Too bad your sister can’t attend it here. Don’t think they will be going to the performance in Dallas.

  8. frankly, i respect you enough as a writer to actually legitimately want to hear your thoughts on pretty much anything, be it religion, culture, politics, music, or whatever. It’s your damn blog, after all. Hell, talk about food and photography and chinese buffets while you’re at it. Some of the best things on this site were the observations of random san franciscans.

  9. The stalker jibes in the Retronauts twitter feed and in this article have me rethinking my keen interest in following the careers of my favorite game journalists.

  10. ^^[Sean]: You can’t hurry Lame.

    You know, I’m here because I relate to gaming and its culture, but as long as the quality of writing remains high I couldn’t care less what the topic is.

  11. I remember really liking your prog rock articles from years ago, because it’s a genre I have little familiarity with and it was fun to learn about it even if it’s not really my thing.

  12. I came to the site on the basis of games; I stayed because of the wide range of topics you and the other posters cover in the daily updates.

  13. not uneasy, simply uninterested in things like comic books and prog rock. and actually, now that i think about it, i’ll just dump your RSS into my aggregator so i can easily sift through articles. i enjoyed visiting this site, it has a nice old school 1990s vibe to it. and now it shall be one with google reader. ciao

  14. I’ve always preferred your unique take on life and its little joys outside of the realm of gaming. Shit, your little Japan blog helped me get through a weird and difficult time in my life when I too was wandering the streets of that wonderful country. You’ll always have a reader in me, regardless of what you’re writing. Keep it up. Sycophant out….

  15. I’ve been reading Parish’s neurotic ramblings since Toasty Frog was just a wee little tadpole, and first I’d like to just express a little appreciation. …. Done.

    To be honest, I don’t even play video games that much anymore (aside from a few retro forays), but I still come to gamespite.net just to read Parish’s latest opuses. He is a fantastic writer, and the idea of him turning this into a catchall for whatever musings that pop out of his addled old brain sounds fantastic to me. I look forward to it. He’s just gonzo, man.

  16. It’s your blogspace and, thus, your choice. I’ll read whatever I see on front page (by whomever).

  17. As long as the non-gaming posts don’t devolve into snarkily-self-deprecating apologies for not posting more often, I won’t complain. (Finally getting a copy of Gamespite Volume 1 wouldn’t hurt, either. BAZING!)

  18. Just write about whatever you feel like. There’s at least a reasonable chance that I’ll be interested in any given random topic, and if not, then it just takes a quick flick of the scroll wheel to skip it.

  19. Parish is a Christian? Huh, never thought about that.

    Anyways, it’d make sense for Gamespite to be so spiteful towards games that they’re gradually pushed aside! As long as it isn’t merged with the SyFy web site.

  20. Of course, 5 minutes after bitching about my copy of Gamespite Vol. 1, it shows up in the mail. Goddamn you, Parish.

  21. Um, this post was specifically worded to be non-specific to any particular religious perspective.

  22. If people don’t like reading something game-related, they don’t have to – nobody is forcing them to read it. The problem arises when you occasionally start out with something game related, and then segue into something different, or visa versa. As long as people know what they’re getting into by reading the first two sentences or looking at an accompanying picture, then there shouldn’t be any reason for nay-sayers to complain.

  23. Errr… this should have started with, “If people don’t like reading non-game articles, they don’t have to -“

  24. Oh. The reference to zombie Jesus threw me off. The hares and whatnot come from Anglo-Saxon and other pre-Christian traditions, so actually the “Good News” bit and all that was built around the Easter Bunny. Or something like that. It also means Chu-Chu’s crucifixion scene makes much more sense now.

  25. I’ve been reading this site on and off since way back in the Toastyfrog days, so non-gaming content is fine, and encouraged, by me.

  26. Sami, I wish you’d take the cue from Parish’s gracious post and refrain from saying things like “zombie Jesus”.

  27. speaking of zombie jesus–i want to play a historically accurate bible game. a bad-ass gears esque game.

    and i want to play as a roman in that game. maybe on the DS, so you could nail his limbs to the cross.

    i’m just kidding guys! stop takin things so0o serious! it’s a joke– historically accurate bible is an oxymoron.

  28. phinehas, you do know what “undied” reminds of? Anyways, I thought it was a fun way of putting it, and it also reminded me of the Famicom game Jesus: Dreadful Bio Monster besides the more obvious interpretation. No harm intended.

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