And a silent tear of blood trickles down his cheek

I have to send off my (almost completely brand new) laptop to be replaced tomorrow. Apple’s been very pleasant and friendly about this whole “catastrophic failure” thing, but it does mean I’ll be without a system of my own for a couple of weeks. I’ll post here as I can, and I intend to look into coming up with some sort of electroshock system to make sure that other site contributors are holding down the fort in my partial absence. Bear with us, though! When I’m back up and running at 100%, I intend to announce the Next Big Thing for GameSpite: a significant change of focus that will kick off with Issue 14. Speaking of which, Issue 13 wraps next week, and to make up for the week we took off it will be a jumbo-sized three-article post. Exciting.

Also: The only song I heard today on the radio? “That’s All” by Genesis. I’m telling you people, I’m being haunted by Phil Collins. And he’s not even dead! Imagine how bad it’s gonna be once he’s actually a ghost.

9 thoughts on “And a silent tear of blood trickles down his cheek

  1. You know, I actually had the same thing happen the other day. By the end of the ride back home everyone in the car was going “Jesus, did Collins kick it finally?”, but no, nothing’s come up.

    Maybe he died and nobody’s found him yet. Cosmic thing.

  2. There’s too many men, too many people making too many problems. And not enough love to go around.

  3. @DemoWeasel: Phil Collins would probably bother Seanbaby if not for all the “several hundred dicks in his mouth” jokes that Seanbaby makes.

    If you want this ghost to leave, Parish, you’re going to have be particularly cruel to it.

  4. Maybe its not the ghost of Phil Collins pushing your creepout buttons, but Jesus. He knows you.

  5. Couple of weeks? No wonder they’re friendly. Though I’m not saying Dell’s without failings, I believe they’ve recently started connecting customers to yogis — this dude listened to my computer over the phone and diagnosed the problem from the sound he heard (loose ram).

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