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  1. You should totally do a Top 10 things on 1up that are not a top 10. That would show em.

  2. Now the internet will complain that 1up is nothing but blogs, never underestimate the internet’s ability to complain.

  3. Except those aren’t blogs — they’re news features, with research and responses and everything. Like, legit journalism! Wacky!

  4. At the risk of earning your ire, I have to point out that both of those articles were published within the last day. While I have been reading 1up and know that those aren’t the only examples of such, to some it could be akin to a car manufacturer pooping out its first hybrid ever and saying, “What do you mean we don’t have clean cars?” Regardless, I get what you’re doing.

    And thanks for the feed info the other day. I definitely haven’t been missing the blogs.

  5. I really like the blogs and follow them regularly. I don’t even know what top 10 lists people are talking about.

  6. To be fair, it’s not all Top 10 lists these days – there’s quite a few Top 5/unnumbered lists mixed in there, too. Wokka, wokka!

    Seriously, though, as long as the Retronauts/Iphone blogs keep updating, I’ll be happy.

  7. I agree with the above comment. The new blogs are great. I don’t read the iphone one much, as I don’t do any cell phone gaming, but the other three are my 2nd favorite things about 1up after the retronauts podcast.

    What I like about them is that they feel like features. Though they obviously have a little less structure than the sprawling features that hit the 1up front page, they are still interesting content to me. It’s not previews of games I don’t care about or interviews with developers I don’t care about or news items about games I don’t care about. It’s opinion material which is why I liked 1up in the first place.

  8. Those complaining likely wouldn’t enjoy the more in-depth content, anyway.

    What’s really bad is when people complain in the comments of a Top 10 list; they crave simple and sweet yet defy it when it’s fed to them.

  9. Yikes, I just read the comments on the MGS Touch review and yeah, that’s a bunch of sorry shit there. More proof that folks will devour/defend anything if it’s branded correctly, etc, etc.

  10. Eesh! I just read those comments too. The worst offender (to me) was the guy irritated by the iPhone, proclaiming in caps that it doesn’t control “GOOD”.

  11. Who the eff has a problem with top 10 lists, anyway? Sharkey’s awesome at those. I’m liking 1up more all the time, personally. My only complaint is not enough Retronauts.

  12. I dread the day the iPhone blog starts feeding into the front page. Every post will be inundated by a dozen frothing retards talking about how iPhone is stupid and doomed and no good games are on it and can never be on it. Just like the same idiots did with DS and Wii, except with more people moronically using “fail” as a noun because they’re too stupid to express their thoughts by doing something besides spastically regurgitating mindless memes.

  13. I don’t mind the lists, but a few of them haven’t exactly been A material. I’m thinking a few entries in the “25 Best Boss Battles” in particular. I am loving the blogs though, especially the Essential RPG list.

  14. While we’re on the topics of iPhones, can I request an iPhone-friendly 1UP site please? GameSpot already has one. Don’t make me go to GameSpot. :(

  15. I think you guys are doing great work as always, however I am concerned that a lot of the great content on the blogs pages will be lost to the winds of time after a couple weeks.

    The search/archive aspect of 1up has always been its week spot (besides Gamevideos not working with my Firefox), and the blog structure may worsen this. There’s been several times that I wanted to search for an old feature and I just couldn’t find it.

    The most frustrating thing about this is that it’s mainly just tied to the features. Game searches work fine if you spell them properly, and when you click on a game all the archived news posts and previews (and obviously the reviews) are listed. Yet features aren’t.

    …so yeah, what was my original point? Oh yeah, I think the writing’s been great lately! Keep it up.

  16. I agree with Nobbyworks. You guys are doing great with the site. Haters will always come, no matter what.

    I run a Singaporean gaming site where all the haters dismiss us as nothing more than a Kotaku cut-and-paste job, but those guys obviously haven’t checked the original content on the site. Plus, we have a mag to write for at the same time. Some people…jeez…

    Anyway, keep up the good work, Toastyfrog!

  17. I really don’t know what else to add other than “Yep, The internet sucks!” which we all have done in spades now, but I figure there’s nothing wrong with a little extra vocal support.

    Really, I read 1up more now than I ever did, because there’s just so many new feature columns (Both the front page features, and the blogs) If anything, it’s a better site now than it has been, even with the lack of a print publication.

  18. Hey Parish,

    I know you briefly mentioned financial constraints when discussing the fact that you hadn’t been able to do everything that you want with blogs quite yet. Still, I recall you having mentioned a Japanese gaming culture blog headed up by Ray Barnholt as in the works. Any news on that?

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