Okay, okay…

I have to admit that this article has allayed many of my BioShock 2 misgivings. If it’s true. I still slap my head in dismay about returning to Rapture, and the “Big Sisters” still make me scrunch up my face in dismay, but it does sound like it won’t be as much of a rehash as that grim first impression.

Edit: Apparently it’s all a lie! Oh well.

In other news, I’m steadily working my way through the stack of hardcover books needing to be mailed yet at a rate of one or two per day, so that last onus is rapidly dwindling. Most people seem to have received their copies now, and the the feedback I’ve received so far has been wholly positive. I’m surprised and gratified that so many people are interested in reading our musings in paid form, especially when they’re already available online for no money, and publishing something tangible definitely scratches the itch that the death of EGM has left behind. I think there will be more news on this front, starting with a new approach to site subscription incentives.

I did some math and realized that for the price of making two crummy photocopied pamphlets and some buttons like the first incentive, I could have a nice squarebound booklet printed up instead. So if it’s cool with subscribers, I’d like to change the incentive program to semi-annual instead of quarterly. The upshot is that you’ll be receiving something of much, much higher quality. (If it’s not cool with you, feel free to send a scathing email my way. I probably deserve it.)

11 thoughts on “Okay, okay…

  1. I assume mine is still somewhere in that pile? Can’t wait for my hardcover + softcover book!

  2. I hadn’t subscribed yet cause of poor college student and all that, but after Vol. 1 there’s no way I can resist. I want to hoard every treasure, grudgingly taking them out only to show other people what they’re missing. Cause they don’t even know.

    Also, while I’m leaving this comment, it says I’m logged in as DJPimpDaddy. That’s kind of confusing.

  3. I dunno, videogames themselves seem so goddamned intangible that it’s nice to have something related to them (even if it’s ‘just’ a book of gaming critcism) that you can put in your pocket and hold in your hands.

    As even hardcopy games become more obsolete in the coming years, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a rise in interest for quality game-related media you can touch and feel, at least to some extent.

  4. This doesn’t mean there won’t be a Year One, Volume Two, right? Because I’ really love that. I’d also love a Year Two, but I know that’s still a ways off.

  5. No, no, no worries — I definitely want to finish compiling our stuff. It’ll be a while, though.

  6. Hey, I was a man who ordered to hawaii. Did i miss a link where i needed to pay more shipping?

  7. sorry, please ignore the last post, it makes no sense. Anyway, i recall ordering this book, but i dont have a receipt of my records. Is it possible to get receipt resent or something super official?

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