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Maybe it’s just my weak-willed susceptibility to multimedia hype speaking here, but the shot of Klingon characters from Cryptic’s new Star Trek MMO piqued my interest in the game for the first time ever. I mean, Klingons, OK, fine — kind of a boring concept for a race. They’re angry and violent, blah blah blah. But I’d kind of assumed the MMO would have everyone playing human characters. But maybe not!

If I can be a Horta, I will totally subscribe to this game.

22 thoughts on “Across the universe

  1. Horta nothing! I… can’t think of anything cooler than being a Horta, actually. Maybe the bloodsucking cloud that Kirk chases in one episode of the original series

  2. why would it only allow humans? a star trek game without kingons, romulans, and vulcans would sink like a stone.

  3. Sure, other races are a given as NPCs. I just sort of assumed it would be humans only (and maybe Vulcans) for playing since the franchise tends to give non-human races in the Federation short shrift.

  4. I would be pleased if I could play a hologram, like Doctor from Voyager.

    NOTE: Doctor and the opening theme were the only good things about Voyager as far as I am concerned.

  5. There was a feature in Game Informer not too long ago about this game. Basically, you can choose one of five preset races on either side (they’ve got a Alliance/Horde-thing going with Starfleet/the Klingons). Or, you can take traits from any of the races and mix and match. So you can make a Klingon with Ferengi ears and green skin, for example.

    So…I don’t think you’ll be able to make whatever the hell that Horta thing is, but maybe that’s enough to excite you about the game??

  6. It’s been awhile since I watched, but I don’t remember Klingons all wearing tight leather pants.

  7. How about the Medusans, those intergalactic philosophers whose very appearance makes humans go completely mad?

  8. I wouldn’t mind playing as the Pakleds (Star Trek’s official “retard” race – the ones who once tried to kidnap Geordi because he could “make their ship go”). I would just sit and eat Hamburger Helper all day while staring at a computer screen while my in-game captain does the same.

  9. I’m serious about the disembodied brain thing. My ideal MMO experience would be to wait until some newbie creates a Klingon, gets into a fight, and then say in a booming voice “Provider two bids 400 quatloos for the newcomer”.

  10. “Can I be Boba Fett?”

    OK, but only if I can sputter “Boba Fett? Where?” and comically knock you screaming into a giant vagina dentata.

  11. I want to be a Tamarian. My response to all chats will be, “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.”

  12. Mirab, away from his keyboard, his bladder full.

    I want to be a three-way split between Ferengi, Cardassian, and Klingon. Because nothing’s more profitable than a brutal autocracy.

  13. I’ve never watched a complete episode from any of the TV series (though I heard there were some species named after Nausicaa and Lum,) so the most exotic critters I know come from the movies.

    I want to be the “That was not his knee” guy. Or a humpback whale.

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