Soon to return

Hey kids, I’m just about back in action. My replacement computer has arrived and I’m currently in the process of getting set up and properly integrated into my workflow. Well, OK, actually I’m currently in the process of playing Mass Effect, but whatever!

This thing is a beast. I’ve long had a tradition of giving my laptops Servbot names (Servbot 41 replaced Servbot 40, Servbot Salvation was a partition that barely kept me from losing all my personal data in the wake of a hard drive crash, etc.). But this one is so massive, so vast, that I had no choice but to name it for the Servbots’ mighty aircraft.

Anyway, expect a GameSpite update Monday. I know, about damn time. Sorry.

8 thoughts on “Soon to return

  1. I still need to check Mass Effect out, I’m falling behind on my RPGs.

    More Retronauts too! Do a ‘prerendered graphics‘ episode sometime! :)

  2. So, by ‘massive’, do you mean that it’s a huge beast of a computer, or is that just a leg up on capacity from your last machine? Not to be a jerk, but 300GB isn’t really all that much any more; a recent sale at my local Micro Center netted me a 1.5 TB drive for just barely over a hundred; storage is terrifyingly cheap.

  3. And for a split second I thought this meant Bonus Stage was coming back.

    ….sorry, I know every time you post anything on 1UP a dozen people probably say “wen iz boneus staje cuming bak fucker”

  4. 300 GB is more than fine for a laptop, and I have a 1TB of auxiliary drives. The “massive” description had nothing to do with the hard drive (I was just showing off the icon I made); it’s massive because it’s a physically huge and extremely kitted-out portable computer.

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