It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad…yeah.

Looks like Sega figured out the one way they could make me give a crap about MadWorld. Well played, Sega. Well played indeed.

Sorry about the lack of activity here or at my other haunts over the past few days. I decided that since I had a three-day weekend, I should actually take an honest-to-god holiday and actually not work for once in my life. Pretty crazy, I know. Also, I had to give my computer to the girlfriend so she could go off to Canada to train for her new job, so that sort of puts a crimp in my productivity. Happily, a replacement is arriving later this week, so GameSpite should be back up to speed in a few days. I’m sure you can’t wait.

22 thoughts on “It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad…yeah.

  1. You weren’t interested in MadWorld? I guess I can understand that, it wasn’t until I saw some recent gameplay videos that the game showed up on my radar. I’m not usually one for over the top violence just for the hell of it. But there’s something about this title, maybe it’s just the powerhouse development team behind it (it sure isn’t the publisher, who has seen better days >.>). It looks fun though.

  2. My demand for MadWorld, which has been restrained, has suddenly jumped several notches up to somewhere approaching “frothing”

  3. “A replacement girlfriend is arriving in a few days? Parish you cad!”

    I came to post this but was beaten to it. :-P

  4. That…. that is unexpected news. Though without a Wii, it’s sort of academic for me. Certainly raises my curiosity, though, and hopes that perhaps Matsuno might do more things with Platinum in the future on other consoles.

  5. Heck, I’m just glad to hear Matsuno isn’t dead. The fact that he’s working on a game I’m really interested in is gravy.

  6. Everyone deserves a few days off. I was going to complain that the “Spite” level in my blood was getting a bit low, but like a Christmas miracle my Gamespite book arrived in the mail last week. Now I can finally read those back articles in bed without worrying about a Dell laptop battery fire killing me in my sleep. Madworld will be yet another LTTG for me. It looks good and I need a few more games to make my Wii feel needed but my game cup “hath runeth over”. Right now the Wii just sits next to the TV blinking blue, tempting me to come back with Mario Kart tournament messages.

  7. Yeah, my interest is raised. But I’m really not sure about the game’s content. Can you turn the frivolous blood sprays off?

  8. Well, we expected him to be on a Wii project… just not this Wii project.

    Cool, I guess. I dunno, I like Matsuno and all, but I really don’t give two craps about consoles these days. I’d rather see him do something on the DS or PSP. Totally awesome to hear he’s back at it, though.

  9. Mad World looks incredible. I hope it ends up like a polished version of No More Heroes. I’m dying for a Wii action game with great controls.

  10. Right before I checkout out this site today, Parish- I was just thinking that you were posting less on your various writing endeavors…people do notice!

  11. …uh…and yes, I am illiterate in case you were wondering. Not that I would know… since I am not mentally capable enough to notice my illiteracy flaws– people just tell me I am illiterate.

  12. Does this mean the MadWorld protagonist will go around telling people he’s Captain Leatherface von Texas before carving them up?

  13. Matsuno’s writing a scenario for MadWorld, FFXII had a bit where Vaan went around claiming to be Captain Basch von Ronsenberg, and the Madworld guy has a chainsaw, so I thought of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre guy, so…

    Meh. It was more amusing in my head. Sorry.

  14. I don’t think that scenario was really Matsuno’s fault, for some reason…

    … Yes, I like to think that Matsuno only wrote the *good* parts of Final Fantasy XII. :)

  15. @Mizumon:

    Haha, yeah. I quit FFXII right at about the 85% mark when it went from “You must use diplomacy and subterfuge to keep these two empires in check to keep your small country from being ruined in the ensuing great war” to “You must use the magical MacGuffin to punish the evildoers!”

    Hearing that Matsuno is working on a game like MadWorld definitely intrigues me. He’s a damned good writer, and I want to see what he brings to the table.

  16. Nice to see Matsuno alive and well, though in my fanboy fantasies I’m still pulling for him to hook up with NdCube (which was recently revived by ex-Quest CEO Makoto Tokugawa) and start a new tactical RPG series.

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