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Last night I packaged and labelled all the remaining, outstanding softbound copies of GameSpite Year One, Vol. 1. They’ll be in the mail just as soon as I put together the requisite two or three dozen customs forms necessary to see the internationally-bound copies to their destinations. Ah, hand cramps. Hardbound books are taking longer due to the time involved for customization, but I’m working on them! If you didn’t request anything specific for your hardcover customization, this is your last chance to email me and let me know what you want. Otherwise, you’ll end up with whatever random whim crosses my mind, which is not guaranteed to be good or interesting.

Also, it looks like the reason I’m losing money on the books is because…I miscounted. Now that I’ve sorted out my shipments, I have about eight hardcover and ten paperback copies left over. I have no need for them, so I’d like to sell them and make back my expenses. If you’re interested in buying a copy, drop me a line. Same prices hold as before — hardcover copies will be $60 apiece, paperbacks $25 apiece. This time I’m factoring actual shipping costs in there, though; U.S. shipping is included in the price of the books, but to cover international surcharges shipping to Canada and Mexico will be an additional $4, and all other international destinations will be an additional $10. So, Canada and Mexico would be $64/30 hardcover/softcover, world would be $70/35. I know that’s pricey, but each book weighs more than a pound, and air mail turns out to be pretty expensive. You can reach me at toastyfrog at gmail dot com if you’re interested.

This will be it for hardcovers, but once the paperbacks are gone I will be making them available directly through the publisher. If I can make back my losses on this, I won’t be so gunshy about going ahead with the next volume….though I will be much smarter about it.

Edit: Softcovers are tentatively spoken for, and hardcovers are gone as well. I’ll update if any orders fall through, and once I’ve set up my account with the publisher I’ll create a link for future paperback orders. Thanks, humans!

16 thoughts on “Book ’em

  1. man, if i weren’t absolutely certain my wife would hang me, i’d totally jump on that hardback.

  2. Parish,

    Just got my softcover in the mail today, and am loving it. Nice work! Here’s hoping we see a second volume soon!

  3. I’m still waiting for my hardback copy of the book to land in the mail, but I’m glad you’re not *totally* put off by the idea of publishing volume 2 sometime in the future. WOO, indie press!

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  5. What, so it won’t me post if I include my blog in the “URL” space? I won’t say it’s the greatest blog in the world, but I take STRONG EXCEPTION to the idea that it’s “spam.”

  6. Yeah, seriously, you need to chill out. This site gets SO MUCH spam. We can have strict spam filters that sometimes cut innocent material, or we can have no comments at all. Your choice!

  7. I make a mildly bemused comment, and I’m accused of excessive anger? Mmph. Let’s see what happens if I put it in the email field.

    (trying various things, nothing working. I’m curious–is it the made-up word “inchoatia” that gets the thing’s dander up?)

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