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A huge batch of GameSpite Year One, Vol. 1 is going in the mail tomorrow, which brings me pretty close to the home stretch. That’s very good. Not so good is the fact that once I started shipping international orders I discovered that I had grossly underestimated the cost of international shipping even more than I had underestimated the cost of domestic shipping. Like, by about $8 per book. So my razor-thin break-even margins on the books? Yeah, actually it looks like this venture is costing me about $500. I wouldn’t think it possible, but there are the numbers staring me right in the face. And what great timing, too, coming right when I’m already nearly broke and desperately trying to save up for a wedding.

So, enjoy your book when it arrives. It’s probably one of a kind! I’d have to file bankruptcy to publish a second volume, which I have to say is not something I particularly aspire to. I suppose it’s my own fault for dabbling in the vanity press…although in this case it’s more like “hubris press.”

Edit: Uh, this wasn’t a request for money or sympathy or anything. Just an explanation of why you most likely won’t ever see a second GameSpite book.

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  1. Because I’m a stupid moron who thought it would be quaint and personal to manage the entire process on my own.

  2. In any case, as awesome as the book assuredly is, what a sad ending to the whole venture. Hopefully, maybe, in the future, it can be revived a made a little more cost-effective.

    I’m sorry, man. =/

  3. As bad as it may look, it seems that your only option is to refund all unshipped international orders and then give them first dibs on rebuying the book with correct shipping charges.

  4. Yeah, while no one is expecting a second volume before the wedding (or a good while afterwards, either), there’s no reason why this process couldn’t be streamlined/made to be a hell of a lot more cost-effective.

    I think you’re doing something incredibly unique and worthwhile with these books – don’t let a lack of foresight with the handling of the first volume discourage you from attempting a much less headache-inducing/wallet-suckling approach to getting the second volume into peoples’ hands.

  5. This definitely can be streamlined to create a profitable venture. Just don’t do all the crazy work yourself.

  6. Do I ever sympathize with that. At least you didn’t go and do anything REALLY stupid like, oh, order 1000 of them for the sake of price breaks, putting everything on zero-interest-for-a-year-then-a-sudden-hike credit cards, assuming that a year would be plenty of time to reach the break-even point. *cough*

    But yeah, getting back to YOUR problem, I believe there’s a special rate you can get for international shipments which contain only books. Barring that, I would imagine most people would be willing to deal with a slight last-minute extra shipping cost under these circumstances.

  7. Next time…$30-$35 for the paperback PLUS shipping and let the printing press mail it out. That’s not too much to ask for a specialty limited edition item.

    None of us want to see you lose any money on something like this.

  8. I don’t mind paying a few extra bucks for my copy. Don’t want to be responsible for bankrupting you.

  9. If you haven’t already sent the international books, perhaps I could help. I’ve been a long-time fan of your work (like, back to the days when Thor was doing the letters column for RPGamer) and I thought I’d be helping your site by purchasing the book, not the complete opposite. Long story short– I work for Fedex in Sacramento. If my 30% discount on shipping would be of assistance to you, it is at your disposal.

  10. Odin, somehow logged in as qalamari or so his browser tells him…

    I am a domestic customer and I received my book last week. It is really awesome, as fun to read as my old Nintendo Powers, and looks great on my shelf. I know you didn’t take as bad a bath on the domestic orders but if it would help you out and encourage future volumes, I’ll Paypal you the $3 in shipping for my copy. I believe many others would be willing to do the same. You took the time and effort to put together a quality product – for the purpose of raising money, not losing it – and I don’t want to see you stop with Volume One.

  11. That was strange… my browser clearly said I was logged in as qalamari for the last message, but it posted as me. Weird.

  12. Here’s a suggestion: run a $500 “I love my book but I feel a bit guilty for nearly bankrupting toastyfrog” pledge drive on a site like I’m sure everyone would be more than happy to chip in the extra dollars your work has cost you.

    Don’t be too proud, man. :)

  13. Damn, I was hoping to snag one in another print run, but seeming as I’m from the UK, there’s little chance. But I’d rather Parish have a roof over his head than break the bank sending a book!

  14. I think it wouldn’t be out of line to see if folks would throw in a few bucks to make the shipping fair.

  15. Oh, I already did a second printing. There are a handful of copies left over that I’ll put up for sale once existing purchases are shipped out, but just a few.

    Anyway, no, I don’t want you people’s money. This is my own fault for being stupid and I don’t expect anyone else to shoulder the responsibility for this.

  16. It’s your first time doing anything like this, so little mishaps are bound to happen. It’s a learning experience. It least you will know what to expect for volume 2, and I’m sure everyone who wants a copy will not mind paying a little more to make sure you at least break even next time.

  17. You’ll forget all the pain of the birthing eventually and will want to have another. Just remember to charge us more if and when you do it.

  18. You’ve got a wedding coming up and you are low on cash, and you have users on here willing to give you a couple extra bucks (including me)?

    I admire your selflessness, but for god sakes man, let us help if we can – or at least print a Volume 2 and charge us more.

  19. I didn’t get to buy a copy because I didn’t have any money, but I certainly wouldn’t mind paying more to get one.

  20. Taking responsibility for your mistake is certainly well and good, but think of it this way: people buying these books aren’t doing it because they just want to be nice. They want a very special product that only you can give, and if people are willing to contribute extra money to help you pay for shipping so that we can get another book in the future, you should let them.

    I’d be bummed not to see a Year 1, Vol. 2. If paying a few extra bucks now would help that come to fruition, I’d be more than happy to. Don’t let nobility get in the way of us buying something we want!

  21. I agree with everyone above that if (hopefully when) volume 2 is produced we are more than willing to pay a price that would cover all of your costs and offer you a fair profit (after all, that was the original point). Don’t short-change yourself.

  22. What a mensch!

    I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I am really interested in a second printing. When will that be?

  23. I know other people have said it and you’d shut it down, but let us each pitch in a little more, Parish. I mean, you’ve clearly learned your lesson, and it isn’t a big deal to us. Say 100 of us pitch in a measly $5; suddenly you’re in the black again. It’s really nothing at all to each individual, but it’ll build up and do some good for you.

    Help us help you, Parish. (I suppose you can’t stop me from mailing $5 to the return address on the book anyway, can you?)

  24. T-Frog, if the difference in shipping is going to stop the second book from coming out, ask people to volunteer to pay the difference and make sure the problem doesn’t happen with the next one. You need those profits to pay for the wedding.

  25. Good idea “Calorie Mate.” If every book purchaser sent Jeremy he $5 to cover his shipping costs it would cover the handling fees. I don’t think that’s too much to ask (and it’s the right thing to do).

    You don’t have to mail him a check. Pay for the S&H the same way you paid for the book. Send it to his PayPal account. You can find his address in your personal PayPal payment history.

    I’m sending him the $5. Who’s with me?

  26. It doesn’t matter that this wasn’t a request for money. It’s the right thing to do.

    $5 sent. I hope others follow.

  27. I’ve got my own music/single goals soon, and after much thought and cost/benefit analysis, I’ve discovered an inevitable truth of physical media. Since it is expensive to produce, its goal should be to make money.

    As soon as I realized this truth, I had a huge feeling of empathy and sympathy for the harder-hit sections of the entertainment industry. Thankfully the Internet is the great publishing equalizer, offering the potential to create an audience by which small print runs are even *possible*.

  28. If you guys want to give him a little support, sign up for the monthly subscription. I mean, that goes towards the website, but every little bit is worth something, and I wanted to help in some way that wouldn’t feel like a handout.

  29. If he wants to refund it then he can (although I hope he doesn’t). But I don’t think its right to sit by while he gets financially hosed when he was trying to do something nice for everyone.

  30. I knew I should have gotten the first edition when I could… CURSES! Jeremy, will there be a second printing now?

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