My tiny adventure

I like snooping around libraries. I wouldn’t call it a hobby or anything, but put me in one I’ve never been in and I’ll wander around aimlessly if you don’t reign me in. I was at the older library on campus today to pick up Maus, and though I’d been there countless times before, I was feeling a bit adventurous. I thought I’d come across my find for the day when I found a two by three foot atlas of circa-1633 Japan but there was another little surprise in store for me.

Like I said, it’s one of the older libraries on campus, so it has a little alcove for housing the card catalog. All the cards are gone of course and it’s been turned into a lounge with a few computers for searching the catalog though the drawers are still there. I opened a few next to the computers to see if anything had been left, but no such luck. Surveying the room, I noticed the numbered drawers went up past 1400. Hmm, I wonder if…


Crappy cell-phone camera strikes again, but that’s drawer “1337”. Yeah. There’s a phone number written on the Post-it note. Do I dare?

“Yeah, Hi. I found your phone number at Doheny Library…”
“Oh, yeah, right. That thing. That was just a joke back in…”
“Okay. Because, of course, it was in drawer 1337.”
“Right, right.”
“So… want me to throw the note away in case someone else finds it?”
“Yeah, thanks.”
“Okay, I’ll do that. Bye.”

A little anti-climactic I guess. If I lived in a video game, this would totally initiate the side-quest that nets you the game’s ultimate weapon. Still, who doesn’t enjoy a little mystery in their daily routine?

11 thoughts on “My tiny adventure

  1. If only it turned out that their last name was ‘Leet’ and they wondered why all these nerds kept calling them over the years.

  2. I would have left it there. Or better yet, have a line of people waiting to call him and say how amazingly funny his jokes are.

  3. That was just the initial step. You will be contacted within the next week with the real introduction to the quest.

    P.S. Doheny’s bookstacks are scary.

  4. My credit card’s last 4 digits are 1337. It still makes me embarrassed whenever I use it in public, because I’m afraid they’ll think I did it on purpose or something.

  5. Ha! I once had a debit card that included 1337 and 42.

    Bigger nerd-credit-card-penis CONFIRMED.

  6. Dude, you screwed it up. You’re supposed to ask if he needs any help, and then he offers you the quest. Now you can’t get Save the Queen! I hope you saved.

  7. No, see, this just triggered the event where you get a strange, anonymous letter in your mailbox, despite the two occurrences not being connected for any conceivably logical reason.

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