They’ve finally acknowledged their biggest fan

So they’ve just announced Super Robot Taisen K for the Nintendo DS. Why “K”? Well, I have no idea. It always meant something before. Even W somehow translated into “Double” for the Japanese. I think that this might be Banpresto’s way of finally acknowledging my contributions as an American booster of the series. I’ve certainly given them enough money of late. Therefore, I hereby declare the newest installment of SRW to be “Super Robot Taisen Kat.” Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, while I’m thrilled that SRW Kat will be on the Nintendo DS, I’m somewhat less thrilled about the series selection. For one thing, as someone who looks for the Gundam first, I couldn’t help but notice that all of the Gundams that will be featuring in this installment have “SEED” somewhere in the title. It’s not that I don’t like SEED or anything. I even understand that Banpresto is trying to play to the Japanese kiddies who rate SEED as the best of them all. And god knows that the Universal Century trio (Zeta, ZZ and Char’s Counterattack) got enough play, along with Endless Waltz. So I’ll be dutifully using the Freedom once again, even as I secretly wish that Banpresto would do justice to the Gundam F91, Crossbone Gundam and Victory Gundam games. I really need to learn to say no.

SEEDiness aside though, I’m pretty interested in the non-Gundam stuff too. A quick check on Gun X Sword, for instance, yields a trailer featuring some robots, cowboys, and what look like guards with killer mustaches. No wonder everybody is so excited. The others will just have to wait until I get the game. Well, except for Virtual On, which bored me to tears when it debuted in Alpha 3. I don’t know, I liked it well enough on the Dreamcast, but it just didn’t translate to SRW for some reason. The complete lack of a storyline might have had something to do with it.

I’m excited though. Really, any SRW that has my name on it can’t be bad. And it’s for the Nintendo DS, which also hosts my current favorite game in the series – W. Banpresto seems to do a good job with the DS, not the least because they can’t really recycle animations. On that count at least, even Gundam SEED stuff will probably look at least a little different.

So now I’ve got pretty much a definitive time limit on how long I can take to beat Chrono Trigger DS. SRW Kat is coming in March. I’d better get to work.

12 thoughts on “They’ve finally acknowledged their biggest fan

  1. GunXSword is an absolutely fantastic spaghetti western that features Super Robots punching each other for the sake of revenge. It is an absolutely fantastic series and the inclusion of it into an SRW game makes me crazy happy.

  2. I love Gun X Sword. I mentioned it in the thread, but that show was one of my top wants in a future SRW. I’m pretty pleased with the game for that alone.

    I started familiarizing myself with the shows from the roster that I haven’t seen yet. Turns out Fafner is completely unwatchable for me, so I guess that’s just going to join the SEED crew at the unpopular kids table when I play this.

    But I still hope there’s some ungodly large amount of spots for deployable units in the later missions, since I really like pretty much everything else in the game.

  3. The Virtual On units were quite nice from a gameplay perspective in @3. They served decently well as backup or in front and were almost hilariously over-animated. Plus they had some rocking music. The only bad points were Fei’s voice (not an issue anymore, even if it does deprive us of Aphamrd The Hatter’s) and the story, which really was stupid. Then again, it’s not like most of the UC wasn’t just hanging around without a story at that point. I’m sorry, why are the 0083 guys still on my team in a bunch of GM Customs? I like the Dendrobium, but come on. They never did Raideen’s story properly either.

  4. Macross has been in a few SRW games, but I don’t see any in this one. (Is it too soon for Frontier? That would be awesome.)

    I *do*, however, see a King Gainer in there, which is pretty great.

  5. Regarding Seed, I feel your pain. I’ve been feeling it since the series started. I was going to say I can ignore it for one more game but it’ll probably be back… I’ll be too busy with METARU OVERMAN KING GAINER!!!

  6. I’m a little sad that SEED is surfacing as the only line-up for Gundam. I like Wing myself, and I wish for them to re-do the TV series in a non-stupid way like they did in Alpha 1.

    I’m actually piqued about the relatively small roster, if it’s complete as it stands right now; perhaps we’ll see a game where there’s more focus on what is available and less filler and cram than some certain SRW games, hopefully resulting in a smoother plot. The Alpha series is particularly BAD for just cramming a lot of crap and not doing anything meaningful with it (I’m looking at you, Alpha 3).

    And Zoids… oy.

  7. So, if they someday made a remix of this version of the game and branded it as the “Advanced Tactics” version, you could actually have a Super Robot Wars K AT?

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