Stealing my resolve

I really want to support Atlus’ upcoming Steal Princess, because (1) it’s Atlus, (2) it’s an interesting-looking puzzle platformer for DS, and (3) it has a distinct Landstalker/Ladystalker vibe about it, given that it’s an isometric action game from Climax starring a heroine and her tiny faerie companion. On the other hand, I’m kind of cranky about the game because the head of Climax, Kan Naito, gave me the single worst interview of my career at TGS. Well, second worst — I doubt anything will top the one with Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama where he suddenly stood up and left without a word, entourage in tow. I will never understand the logic behind agreeing to an interview with the press when you clearly despise the press and have no interest in talking to them. Why not just tell them to shove off and save everyone some time and trouble?

On the other hand, that’s some pretty danged nice artwork. I’m such an easy mark.

12 thoughts on “Stealing my resolve

  1. Now I’m curious — how’d the Kan Naito interview go? I can guess, but it can’t have been any worse than Toriyama walking out on you, right?

  2. The eyepatch scares me. “Moe” culture on the internet means I can’t even look at a seemingly innocent drawing like that without shuddering.

  3. She’s tool old to be moe, isn’t she? I see suggestions of actual humanoid mammaries there.

    I never bothered transcribing the Naito interview because there was nothing worth transcribing. It was half an hour of him not answering questions. It’s weird, too, because I’d have assumed that the head of a fairly small Japanese developer would be happy to get word out about his company in another territory, but I guess I’m applying my own ignorant cultural standards where they don’t belong.

  4. lawl @ FFXIII interview. Its nice to think he did that because he hates the gaming press, but put the pieces together man! You’re the one who wrote that scathing review of Advent Children, Jeremy

    I wouldn’t sweat it. If I myself were doing an interview with the man, the first word of the first question out of my mouth would be “Gackt…”

  5. All I can think of is maybe those developers were forced into the interview by their publishers. It still sucks though that they could be so callous and wasteful of other people’s time.

  6. I don’t think it’s callousness, just some sort of cultural difference I don’t entirely understand. Probably something to do with Japanese corporate culture. I’ve found the people who’ve gone indie are a lot more forthcoming and friendly.

  7. I see. Maybe in Toriyama’s case, he received some kind of emergency alert and had to go save the city…

  8. I totally agree about the art! I really don’t like most isometric ARPG-type things, but when I saw the Steal Princess artwork, I started actively hoping for a localization. And then Atlus picked it up, like they did with pretty much every DS game I wanted but didn’t think would get picked up!

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