Ringing in the new with the old

Somehow I ended up kicking off the new year by playing Super Mario Bros. 2. After watching everyone else flail around for half an hour trying to get past world 1-2, I jumped in and powered through a few stages, building up a healthy stock of lives before handing the controller back. They burned through all those 1UPs in five minutes and it was game over. Man, I hope this isn’t how the rest of the year goes.

11 thoughts on “Ringing in the new with the old

  1. We held a drunken SMB2 contest during our New Years Eve gaming party. We used versions from the NES, Wii VC, Super Mario All Stars, GBA x 2, and Famicom Disk. It was a sort of race to see who could get the furthest. In retrospect I should have set some sort of timer, but it ended up only going as far as 4-1.

  2. @Daremo Man, you should stay far, far away from the GBA version especially if you’re playing as Toad. You’re playing as Toad, right?

  3. You…you weren’t playing at work, right?

    I mean, I’m normally not a “YOU HAVE TO BE GOOD AT VIDEO GAMES TO TALK ABOUT THEM” guy but to not be able to get past the second stage….

  4. To this day, I can’t pick up a key in that game without being filled with unbridled fear.

    That mask is out to get me!

  5. Heh, we were tempted to make a drinking game out of my boyfriend’s playing over New Year’s. He was drunk enough to die more often than usual, but not drunk enough to lack all skill. It could’ve been fun.

  6. I don’t think I can ever get sick of this game. The level design, charm, music, graphics, etc, make this my favorite Mario game next to Yoshi’s Island and SMW.

  7. At work? Nah, I don’t really party with coworkers. This was a quiet new year’s countdown at home with my fiancée, her cousin and her cousin’s boyfriend. (Said boyfriend was the only other gaming fan in the group, but he mostly plays RPGs and modern games like GTA, so his platformer reflexes are rusty.) The cousin in question has somehow become obsessed with Wii Fit and brought it over to play with us all night, and Mario was a post-midnight palate cleanser. Not really how I expected to start 2009, but fun nevertheless.

  8. This sounds remarkably similar to the current economic situation where we the taxpayers are handing trillions of dollars to corporate thieves.

    I too hope that this is not a symbol of how the rest of the year is going to go. Especially since I’d like to have a job again soon.

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