Return of the mysterious kitty-bunny

[[image:kiki_006.jpg:Kiki is suspicious:center:0]]
Some of you have asked me how the Mysterious Kitty-Bunny has been doing. If you’re not caught up, I wrote about her here. The short version, we found a sickly, starving small kitten living with our rabbits, eating their rabbit feed and attempting to nurse from them. Underweight and anemic, she was adorably heartbreaking and apparently under the delusion that she was a rabbit. Since then, she has moved inside to live with me and my wife and the other cats, and she’s got a round little tummy and a feisty disposition.

[[image:kiki_003.jpg:Who’s a cuddly little demon?:center:0]]
I had been calling her KB, after Kitty-Bunny, but when it came time to give her a proper name I chose Kiki, both because it sounds similar to what she was used to me calling her and because it’s a character from one of my favorite anime films. She lives in an oversize animal carrier when my wife and I aren’t around because of her tendency to try and climb to the top of everything and chew everything to bits. I’ve already lost three pairs of headphones to her sharp little teeth. She’s made friends with my cat Popeye, another foundling who lost an eye to a virus and was abandoned by his mama near my yard, and the two of them tear through the house at impossible speeds playing like, well, kittens. She hasn’t forgotten her bunny heritage, though: Kiki still gets excited whenever she sees a bunny, and the other day we caught her… well, see for yourself:

[[image:kiki_013.jpg:You can take the kitty out of the rabbit hutch…:center:0]]
I might like depressing endings in my movies, but when it comes to my animals, it’s happy endings all the way. I can’t think of a happier ending than a full belly and a contented purr.

13 thoughts on “Return of the mysterious kitty-bunny

  1. Man, I was thinking about Kitty Bunny like a week or two ago and couldn’t remember where I’d read about it. Strange, since I really visit only one site anyway.

    Good show, Levi. Good show.

  2. I was very heartened to read that the President-elect is going to rescue a dog from a shelter for his white house pet. I think that sets a great example! To quote the sign hanging above my kitchen, “You don’t need to have a pedigree to be a best friend!” There are so many animals that need homes, supporting puppy mills and breeders is just plain wrong, especially since the horror stories of abused animals and all the medical problems that inbreeding “purebred” animals causes have shown that the puppy mill industry is not one that should be supported. I’m sure there are good “breeders” out there (although it’s hard to believe) but I’m also sure that they are tons of animals being put down in shelters across the country who could thrive if only they found a loving home.

  3. I’d take a healthy mutt over a sickly pedigree any day. And I don’t count lagomorphic confusion as a sickness.

  4. Kitty Bunny is adorable; it’s great to see some people actually care about the fate of abandoned animals.

  5. There is more to life than videogames, my friends. I know it is hard to believe! I don’t think it’s too much to ask that a little bit of what makes the Gamespite Staff tick as people occasionally slip through onto the site itself. If you don’t care for it, just come back in a few hours and I’m sure there will be something here more to your liking!

  6. Update: Kiki destroyed another pair of headphones tonight. :/ I tried to be stern and ground her, but she looked at me with those eyes and I instantly forgave her.

  7. Don’t be a wimp Levi! What would the dog whisperer say to you! Be a pack leader! ;) Be stern! My dog was a mutt!

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