Further proof that awesomeness is genetic

My sister’s Christmas gifts to me were adorned with a pin. Of Catloaf. Made from the same Shrinky-Dink material as the classic Katamari magnets. Sorry, but this means my family is officially more awesome than yours.

13 thoughts on “Further proof that awesomeness is genetic

  1. I laughed uncontrollably when I saw that pin. It’s HILARIOUS!
    Is catloaf her invention or does that come from somewhere else?

  2. Rey – Catloaf/nekopan is one of those ubiquitous slightly inexplicable mascots that Japan churns out with frightening regularity. I forget where it comes from originally, but I first came across it half a decade ago at least.

    But it’s so adorable…

  3. Seriously, the real present here was the Catloaf. I bet Parish didn’t even unwrap the gift.

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